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Hot Online Money Ways that are Proven!

Updated on June 29, 2014

With the widespread dismissals forcing many people to become jobless, we hear from many people wondering how to start their own businesses as well as establish their new work life. Becoming your own boss can be more of an emotional roller coaster than you can imagine, with lower lows and higher highs than you’re likely used to. Whether you want to say goodbye to the corporate life for good or simply want to start a side business, this book offers a comprehensive list of great ways to make money without being employed.

Every human being needs money to survive. However, finding a job can be a real hurdle and time consuming. Instead of filling out applications and going through the entire interview process, why can’t you try out these easy ways of making good money without a job?

This article contains proven ways of making money online without being employed that I have collected over a year or so. Each of these ideas is very simple to start and require minimal or no capital to start. Ready? You’ll probably find one idea that fits you well. If you find an idea, carry out thorough research on how to get started to become successful.


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Effective Online Money Making Ways

Become a writer

Freelance writing is all the hype in today’s world. The internet has made things even easier for writers to work from the comfort of their homes and make money doing what they love. Website owners, companies, blogs, and newspapers all hire online freelance writers to create original and informative content. There are many job search sites solely designed to helping writers find good paid writing jobs. Content writing jobs normally require you to possess a college degree.

  • Ghost Blogging

In today’s world, almost every company and retailer has blogs on their website to keep updating customers on new products, sales and company news. This is where a ghost blogger comes in. Most companies list such writing jobs on their websites. If you like the company’s mission, email them your resume or give them a call and start earning good cash

  • Local Newspapers

The local newspapers may not be able to offer you a full-time writing job, but news publishers usually hire writers and pay them well to write individual articles. Start by sending article ideas to your local newspaper to see if they are interested.

  • Web Content

Companies operating websites are often looking for writers to write meaningful and informative content for their websites. These jobs typically require you to have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field about which you are writing to create well-founded articles to the reader. The company may either pay you per written article or use an ad revenue share system.

  • Copy-writing

Companies as well as websites usually hire copywriters to write advertising content and campaigns. If you have a strong copy-writing portfolio, then it is easy for you to land such a job. Strong multitasking skills as well as the ability to work within the given deadline are what you need to succeed as a copywriter.

  • Grant Writing

Grant writing is another well-paying writing job. As a grant writer, you will make a lot of money by researching, writing and submitting grant and proposal applications for different industries in the technical, science, medical, and business fields. You will be required to work closely with the company, often on a part-time basis.

  • Business plan writing

Do have the ability to write soup-to-nuts business plans? If so, this is a great way of making huge amounts of money. Writing business plans often comes with good pay. Business plan writing includes carrying out enough marketing research, creating business narratives and financial statements. You can find business plan writing jobs on many writing job sites such as and

  • Writing Reviews

Many companies are willing to pay people to write reviews for them. This is a good way of earning good money especially for those people who are passionate about writing. Check websites like SocialSpark, Sponsored Reviews, and BestReviewer.

  • Writing letters to magazines:

You can make a few dollars from writing letters to weekly magazines. You can make somewhere between $10 and $200 a good letter a weekly magazine. You can even more if you have a juicy story and you don’t even have to write it. Targeting women magazines is a smart idea since they are normally desperate for items for their letter’s page.

Essential Tips on How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

  • Create A Website For Your Services

Creating your own website or blog to market your writing skills can have a big impact on your writing career. Ensure that your website is professional and attractive. Not only will this make you look more professional, but it is also an opportunity to entice new and prospective clients. Today, website builders and webmaster tools have made it easy to create professional websites. After creating your website, ensure that is fully optimized to make it search engine friendly.

When creating your freelance writing website, keep these things in mind:

Unique and relevant content – Originality is essential for any blog of website. In fact, it is one of the key factors in search engine rankings. Also, be sure to keep your content update.

Use Meta tags and keywords – Search engines use Meta descriptions, Meta tags, and Meta keywords to index and rank websites

Interlink all of your webpages – Linking your related webpages aid in spider crawl

  • Market your Writing Skills through Social Media

Social media has been seen to be one of the best ways to market your services at low cost. Marketing your writing services through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is a great way of connecting with prospective clients and associates across the globe.

Become a Translator

You cannot deny that the worldwide marketplace is growing and stretching beyond borders of Mexico and China. All this cross-cultural interaction is building a growing demand for translators. A greater demand for translators and interpreters is predicted resulting from the widening of international ties as well as growth in the number of non-English speakers around the world. A 22% increase in the number of people employed in this profession has been projected. This translates into a huge business opportunity that you explore to get yourself rich. You may want to establish a translation and interpretation business to bring together foreign language speakers with businesses in need.

Work on Data Entry Jobs

Doing data entry jobs is one of the best ways of making good money from the comfort of your home. However, you must be very cautious when searching for such jobs on the internet to avoid being a victim of scam. Focus your data entry job search on only legitimate companies.

Search job boards that offer the data entry jobs and submit your resume highlighting your experience in data entry field. For every job that you apply, write a unique and customized cover letter to increase the chances of being selected. Many companies are often turned off by generic cover letters; your cover letter should be as specific to the job advertised, mentioning things outlined in the job ad.

Register with the freelance job sites to receive temporary data entry jobs. You may also want to try signing up with the freelance bidding sites. Apply for several jobs which can easily add up. Competition for such jobs is normally high, you can offer to work for lower rates and still make good income. It is good to try to understand the terms of the contract before starting to work. Ensure that you complete the project in a timely manner and deliver your best to get more jobs in future.

Search for more jobs to cover all your expenses and pay bills. Data entry jobs are normally the easiest and you can handle large projects if you are a hard working individual in order to make enough money for your needs.

Become a blogger

If writing is something that runs through your blood, identify a topic you are passionate about and start blogging on the topic. Your consistence in writing is what will earn you money when it comes to blogging.

Earning extra income from blogs has become easier and common over the past few years now that blogs have become trendy. However, in order to start making good money from your blogs, you really need to work hard.Follow the following steps to start making money from your blogs.

Create your blog using the free services like Wordpress and Blogger.

Choose a particular topic that you know many people like reading about such as current events, politics, sports, or whatever interests you.

Start blogging and continue consistently for six months, writing at least three new posts every week. Blogging for at least six months will enable you lad well-paying blogging jobs on writing websites. Write unique and informative content for your blog. Know what your readers want from your blogs and write to specifically satisfy their desires. The content should be as informative and engaging a possible to keep them coming back for more.

How to make money from Blogs

You can make a lot of money from your blogs if you are very hard working and consistent with your job. The following are some of the ways you can earn money from your blog.

Advertising – After six months of blogging, you are allowed to join AdWords from Google website and to enable you start generating income. There are various means of selling advertising space on a blog. Some of the advertising options are CPC Advertising, RSS Ads, Contextual Advertising, Blog Ads, Impression Based Ads, and Text Ads

Sponsorship– This is another great way of making money with blogs that some of the bloggers are adopting. Sponsorship often happen when businesses approach blogs that cover a demographic they want to target.

Selling/Flipping blogs– Selling or flipping blogs is something very few bloggers do. Someone can sell their blog through auctions, such as Ebay, or they can sell them privately.

Donations and tip jars– Very few blogs have a history of earning good cash with donations and tip jars. Place a donate button on your blog and earn money from the readers’ donations.

Apply to become a blogger on blog networks such as Wise Bread,451 Press or b5Media. You may want to suggest your blog to be added, especially if it covers a topic that isn't covered on their blog network.

Apply for blogging jobs on Pro Blogger Job Board to earn big money.

Joining affiliate program is also a great way of earning with your blogs. Some of the major affiliate programs include Commission Junction, Clickbank, and Amazon.

Design Logos

Are you well-versed with Photoshop and can work quickly? Designing logos for companies, business, and even websites is a lucrative venture you should consider trying. Being creative will make you stand out from the crowd and help you earn good money.

Make money with Amazon Program

Today the internet has increasingly became one of the best places you can make a living from. For instance, Amazon provides a legit way of making some extra cash for completing mundane tasks. Simply signup with the Mechanical Turk Program on Amazon, where firms post jobs that cannot be done by machines, but can be relatively easily done by humans. Select a simple assignment that you can easily handle and on completion, your Amazon account will be credited with cash. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $10. However, this program pays lower than many survey sites and online programs; you can barely make $10 per day from the Amazon program.


You will be amazed to find out hundreds of transcription jobs available online. You can earn a lot of money from transcription jobs provided you are a native speaker of the language in question. Although experience is not needed for you to work on transcription jobs, it really counts. The most common categories of transcription include:

Medical transcription: This involves transcribing medical and health records, dictated by the consulting doctor, into text.

Legal transcriptionist creates and proofread documents dictated by the legal professional.

Meeting transcription is converting the meeting materials such as presentations, minutes and overall agenda into text.

Audiotape transcription changing audio clips (podcasts, presentations, and speeches) into readable text.

Video transcription involves converting video speeches into text format.

Transcription is one of the easiest jobs that you can do without prior experience. Your hard work will determine what you earn at the end of the day.

Become an EBay Assistant

If you have items that are lurking around your home, consider selling them on eBay and make goo d cash. Decide on the price and either auction them or list them in your eBay store. Open a PayPal account to facilitate your transactions. EBay websites has all the information that you may need to understand how to get started with your eBay business.

Take Paid Surveys

You can make easy money by simply taking online surveys. There are a variety of sites that offer these surveys, with compensation being in the form of cash, or points that you can earn to buy goods later on.

Become a Link Builder

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase traffic to their websites or blogs. Link building is one of the ways to increase website traffic. If you are experienced with link building, you can easily earn good money doing this. You may choose to either charge per link, or per hour.

Become an Online media consultant

Are passionate about participating on message boards, Twitter, Facebook, and much more? Consider helping people promote their products by becoming an online media consultant. Start small by helping local businesses and individuals get a presence of Twitter and Facebook and then grow to whatever level you want.

Be a mystery shopper

Register to be a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping entails evaluation of stores as well as customer services at different businesses for a fee. Companies usually work with the mystery shopping firms as a way of performing their quality control processes. All you have to do is carefully follow the guidelines, but you will be paid to shop and eat at several popular places in your location. Before disclosing your personal information, thoroughly research about the mystery shopping companies by checking the internet for reviews and reading forums of such companies to choose the legitimate one. Keep off companies that charge a fee to sign up; there are many legitimate mystery shopping companies that recruit skilled shoppers free of charge.

Sell items on Craigslist or eBay

Selling items on eBay and Craigslist is one of the great ideas to make big money without being employed. This way, you will not have to go through the hard work of planning and promoting a garage sale. Simply create an account and start listing the items you want to sell from accessories and used clothes, to computer equipment and furnishings. Always write a detailed and informative description of the item and provide enough high quality photos of the same. Remember to include your contact information and also offer free shipping options for a quicker sale.

Start an online store

Sites such as CafePress, Amazon and eBay make it easy to set up an online store and start selling products for a good profit, both physical and digital. It is not necessary to invest in inventory and you can easily manage the storefront from the comfort of your home. In order to succeed with your online store, you will need some basic internet and marketing skills, though the online stores can easily generate a good income within a very short time. Go through all the requirements and the fee charged to a seller to choose the one that perfectly suits your budget.

Make Money on Twitter

If you have a large base of followers on Twitter, companies, businesses and individuals are more than willing to pay to have you tweet about their products and services. Check out TwtBuck,, and MyLikes.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you already have a blog, a website, hubpages, or Squidoo lens, you can try becoming an Amazon affiliate and make enough cash from it. Affiliate marketing basically involves signing up, writing about the products, including links to their Amazon location and being paid a commission each time a customer buys the item.

Offer Proofreading and Editing Services

If you possess strong English skills as well as exceptional grammar, you may want to work as a proofreader from the comfort of your home. Although it is difficult to advertise this service, you can make a good amount of money out of it. Search for those people who might be able to use your proofreading services and advertise directly to them.

Become a Website designer

Today almost all business owners, whether small or large, have turned to the internet to market their products and services. Designing and creating websites have, as a result, become a quite competitive venture that many people are using to make good amount of money. Quite often, small businesses within your area lack a large budget for such things. You can offer to design and create websites for them at reasonably cheaper price and receive a bunch of clients and make a lot.

Offer Virtual assistant Services

Ultra-busy professionals like having someone who can organize task list, check and answer emails, update their calendars, with minimal interaction. Offering this service requires only a strong internet connection and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Become a Mobile Consultant

It has been said before, but it’s worth repeating: mobile devices are now a must-have for almost all businesses. Many business owners find it challenging to find ways to go mobile. If you can establish a company or business that offer affordable mobile solutions to companies and businesses that require them, you will find mobile consulting a lucrative business opportunity that is worthy your money, effort and time.

Share Your Domain Name

A key factor in the success of your business is choosing a good domain name. Not only that, but choosing a good domain name is also a way to earn money! You can earn money simply by sharing your domain with other business owners whom do not have their own website/domain. If you choose to share your domain name with other business owners, be sure that their business is in the same niche as yours. Be sure that your site is attractive, successful, and informative. Successful sites need a lot of attention, and therefore, it is worthwhile to take the time in order to produce an eminence and quality site that will attract other business owners.

If your goal is to share your site with other business owners, it is essential to choose your domain name wisely. Before your make any haste decisions, there are a few things you should consider. Choosing the domain name should go hand-in-hand with the company name, or hand-in-hand with other business owners you hope to attract. Therefore, it is advisable that your website name and URL match, to ensure easy accessibility in search engines. Your website name typically determines your market, and for that reason, it needs to be well chosen and easy to attract potential audience. Let’s take a look at some tips that can aid you in choosing a good website name:

  • Long vs. short – You have to decide on how long or short the name will be. Different people have different perspectives on page naming. Some argue that longer names are often more difficult to remember, and that whilst typing, someone may forget or misspell a word. This may lead to opening or directing to unintended pages, or even to websites of competitors. Others argue that shorter names are easier to remember and users encounter less typing mistakes. While research shows that longer names that contain the site keyword are desirable when it comes to search engines, short names are typically the best choice.
  • Hyphenated vs. plain – Page names that have hyphens are typically typed wrong, sometimes leading to a competitor’s website. In contract, plain names are easy to remember and type. Always keep your page name simple and easy to memorize. Keep away from special characters (such as hyphens and underscores), as they can sometimes lead potential clients to competitor sites.
  • Catchy and original – Because of competition, it is advisable to choose a unique/original page name. A closely-related webpage might lead to high competition, in the case of misspelled page names. Aim for catchy, unforgettable names to attract clients.
  • Descriptive/self-explanatory – It is important to have a self-explanatory page name, as it helps your viewers to understand what your page entails without even reading it.

Become an Affiliate

An affiliate is a person who doesn't belong to any specific industry or organization as a member or employee – but has some connection with it. They play a great role in a business. In short, they search for customers and potential clients to whom they sell the products/services of the company. Once they make a sale, they receive their agreed commission from their employer. Affiliates are paid by businesses for each new visitor or customer by their own marketing efforts. These programs enable affiliates to leverage their traffic and customer base, in order to profit from e-commerce. The business owners then benefit by the increased exposure and sales. These programs began after the World Wide Web was discovered, and were started by a man named William J. Tobin (founder of PC Flowers & Gifts).

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you have to decide whether you want to become an affiliate or if you want to acquire affiliates. Before choosing an affiliate program, you need to decide what niche you want to work in – books, auto, beauty, software, health, education, etc.

There are many successful affiliates who earn a lot of money through these programs. Some of them make around $100,000 in a month, simply by promoting various affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing can be done in several ways. Some of these methods include banner advertisements, pay-per-click text ads, and pop-up ads. Other methods include using material that describe, explain, support, or review the products/services that they are promoting. Apart from that, there are countless other effective methods of affiliate marketing – some of which include writing articles and blogs.

An affiliate program isn't difficult to comprehend – it is actually quite simply and straightforward. It doesn't even take a great deal of money to start. All one needs to start is a good sense of marketing. In affiliate programming, success depends on the amount of sales you get for the business owner. As the saying goes, “hard work pays”. The success of an affiliate is determined by his motivation and devotion to his business. To save your time and frustration, learn how the program works and be committed to your business or marketing. As an affiliate, you need to put in effort to gain or drive the visitor/subscriber/customer, and ultimately, the sale, to the business.

Factors to Consider Before Starting an Affiliate Program

  • Choose the products – Before you start, you first need to decide on which product(s) you want to promote. When choosing a product, you should select the ones that you are confident you can sell.
  • Budget – Before you select any affiliate program, you have to decide on the amount of money you will spend on advertising and any other expenses. There are some ways to advertise at a minimal cost, but some requires a larger cost and a larger amount of determination.
  • Advertising – There are several ways that an individual can advertise a product. Some ways to advertise include: writing articles/blogs, classified ads, and forum posting. It is also important for potential affiliates to ask how they will be paid. Some receive high commission, while others get a very low amount. Moreover, some business owners can’t be trusted, so it is wise to look into the company before becoming an affiliate for them.

Become an Affiliate Program Manager

One of the advantages of affiliate programs is that they enable affiliates to interact and influence customers worldwide – thus increasing product exposure and sales. Affiliate programs are an effective way of getting your business or product recognized. These programs are beneficial to both parties – the affiliate earning money while promoting, and the business earning more revenue. The management of these programs can make-or-break the success of the business and the income generated through the program. Managing an affiliate is the first step to the road of affiliate program success. Let’s take a look at how to manage affiliates:

How to Manage Affiliates

  • Offer a competitive commission pay. Low commission pay may lead to affiliates losing interest in promoting your business.
  • In order to maintain your affiliates, you should always reward them for their good work. This will motivate them to put more effort into promoting your products/services. If your affiliates should commitment and bring profit to your business, consider an increase in the commission rate. This will encourage them and motivate them to work harder.

Become a Freelancer

You many think that freelancing isn’t the best way out, but with thousands of companies looking for contract employees or freelancers of all sorts, it is easy to imagine that you could create an entire company offering freelancing services of one type or another. Based on the research carried out on, a website that lists over a million freelance projects, the most demanded freelance services include web search, data processing, excel projects, academic writing, data entry and social media-based jobs. You can really make a living out freelancing jobs, especially if you establish your own company.

Write and Sell an E-Book

Writing and selling E-books are a great way to earn income. Anyone who is interested in writing can write and sell an E-book. Writing an E-book may seem like a daunting job, especially if someone’s area of expertise is in something other than writing. However, it is very simple, so long as you have an interest in writing or are willing to learn how to write.

In order to be successful in writing an E-book, it is important to make an outline. Writing an E-book without a rough draft may be easy for fiction writers, but if someone writes factual E-books, they will have to plan what they wish to write. Failure to do so may result in a difficult time writing the E-book.

When writing an E-book, individuals should focus on writing, and leave the editing for later. Writing and editing at the same time can result in writer’s block.

Having a daily quota for words may help to ease the writing process. For instance, someone can set a daily quota of 1,500 words, and keep writing no matter what. Individuals should be sure to stay focused, inspired, and motivated. Don’t let the idea of laziness or quitting creep up on you!

General Tips on Writing an E-book

  • Choose a format – When it comes to writing E-books, you have to choose a format – and there are many to choose from! According to many people, PDF is the best format for E-books. This is due to the fact that most people already know how to use PDFs. PDF files open on all platforms, as well as on many mobile devices. You may also choose to have your E-book available in more than one format.
  • How to start – First off, you need to plan your book. Create a draft of everything, including chapter titles and subtitles. This makes your work easier, as you will be following your plan. If you develop a good plan, you can be more confident that your E-book will turn out incredible, and as expected. Without a plan in place, your E-book may turn out substandard.
  • Language to use – When writing an E-book, you should use a language that is understood by various people, so that your message can reach a massive group of people. Terminology and slang should be avoided. Always write with simple language so that it is easier for people to follow.
  • Thesaurus and synonyms – Avoid using the same word multiple times in a sentence, when possible. You should try to use a variety of words.
  • Contact – Be sure to list your contact information somewhere on your book, so that if readers would like, they can contact you. It can be either an e-mail, phone number, or your social network website. This way, you will get to know what people are saying about your E-book, as well as hear their perspective. This may help to improve your writing. Giving your contact information will allow feedback and comments from your readers that may greatly motivate you. Some readers may even suggest topics for you to write about.

I hope this huppage has been very informative and useful to you. All the best in your endeavors as you strive to make a living!


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    • eldawatulo profile image

      Chloe Ben 3 years ago from Canada

      Hello poetryman6969,

      Writing letters to magazines is a lucrative money making venture you should try out.

      All the best

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Writing letters to magazines sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.


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