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Houston Auto Insurance Renewals

Updated on September 20, 2010

Your policy life is just about up, and your Houston auto insurance agent has sent you a policy renewal with a surprise attached. Your rates are going up an additional twelve percent for no apparent reason, as you have not had any accidents, tickets, or claims against your car insurance in the last twelve months. This happens everyday to drivers, and it's just a way of insurance companies covering their overhead, and trying to improve profits. It's nothing personal to them, and think most consumers will go right along with this type passive panhandling. Sometimes it is a quick fix to get your insurance costs back down to where they were, and all you have to do is threaten to go to another company.

Houston Auto Insurance - Negotiate Your Policy

An auto insurance carrier knows how hard it is to replace a client once they have left, and they will generally spend more money trying to keep you, than lose you due to their overt greed, or quirky policy changes. It is also in the best interest of your local Houston auto insurance sales person to have you stay on board, as they will continue getting their commission from your contract. So all is not lost as they will usually bend like a reed in the wind when push comes to shove.

Houston Auto Insurance

Houston Auto Insurance
Houston Auto Insurance

Switching Policies - Houston Auto Insurance

It does not hurt to start getting a couple of quotes before your policy expires, as you might be able to use the hard-copy facts to re-negotiate your current car insurance down below what you are currently paying. Just keep a cool head, and do not make empty threats. When you say that you will switch policies, be prepared to do so, as this is your only ammunition against their ruthless tactics in negotiations. But, at the same time, make sure you have compared your current, and prospect contracts to make sure that you coverage is exactly the same or better. Getting a lower price with less benefits defeats the purpose of this exercise completely.

Houston Auto Insurance Discounters

There may be some other ways to trim your car insurance costs, as companies will take into consideration factors they have never considered in the past. Some take into evaluation on how many miles you drive to work and back per week, and if you vehicle is stored in a garage. These variables can lessen exposure to liability, and create a dip in needed coverage. Bring this up in your next conversation with your agent, if they have not already. Also combine your auto insurance and your homeowners policy, or renters insurance to create a larger discount with the same coverage.


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