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Houston Real Estate Investment Training

Updated on January 18, 2011

Curtis and Linda Meier

Mini 1:1 with the Meier's in Pearland

Monday, May 05, 2008

1:00 Arrived. Lunch

2:00 Discussed private lending. Discussed homework that was completed and not completed (Short sales on Craigslist). Created Constant Contact account and blasted 1125 short sale emails to Galveston County Realtors.

3:30 Went to get documents notarized for EnTrust and to set up account for Curtis and Linda who were both transferring old IRA’s over to EnTrust for self directed IRA’s.

4:00 Arrived back at home. Responded to 1 email from REO broker on properties. He responded with his 11 listings.

4:30 Uploaded 450+ Brazoria County realtors list to Constant Contact and blasted more emails out to.

5:00 Reviewed 11 listings from David Davis (REO Broker) and requested more info. Showed Curtis HCAD, Brazoria Cad, and Galveston CAD for Values. We also spent some time reviewing Craigslist postings and responded to 3 postings.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

8:00 Arrived

8:30 Headed out to meet with Jennifer Cole, Realtor with Remax. We discussed her pulling short sales off of the MLS. She stated that she couldn’t pull them by key words. She was able to pull up around 7 short sales for our review before heading out to our next appointment.

10:00 Arrived at Land title USA with Carolyn Wright. Carolyn stated that she would be glad to provide HUD-1’s and gave us the name of a realtor who handles a lot of short sales in the Pearland area. She also stated that she would check on a private/hard money lender to see if they were lending again.

10:30 We went to EnTrust and wrapped up the process for them both to set up there own Self Directed IRA for private/hard money lending as well.

12:00 Met with Teri Treadway, mortgage banker, for lunch. Teri was very insightful and should be providing us with several banking contacts to track down pools or individual non-performing notes. She also recommended MAPP, which is REI club that focuses on education and vendors, along with giving us several areas south of Houston that she was looking to invest in.

1:30 We arrived back at the Meier’s home. I had Linda check her emails and found two responses to the Craigslist ads for Wholesalers. I showed her how to create a buyers list in Excel to help her organize these contacts. She also checked her email and was surprised to find an email from Jennifer Cole who had learned how to search by key word. Jennifer had sent us over 20 short sale listings! I showed them how to pull that list into an excel spreadsheet to help them organize their offers.

3:00 I had Curtis pull the most recent papers for him to focus on obituaries. I had Linda and Curtis use the Harris County Appraisal District to help them find the mailing and physical addresses of any deceased home owners. They were able to identify 12 properties over the last two days. I made Curtis spend most of the time on the computer to get a better handle and to help him overcome his fear of the computer. I made him get out of his comfort level and he did a great job.

5:00 We visited Vista Print to get them some free postcards, business cards, car magnets, etc. and other marketing materials.

6:30 We wrapped up the day.

Day Two

8:30 Arrived at the Meier’s home. We reviewed what homework they had worked on the previous night. I showed Linda how to send out mass emails to the list of Harris County Realtors at 100 at a time.

9:00 Curtis and I headed out to meet with James Robinson, a homeowner who had responded to Craig’s foreclosure letters. It turned out he had the property listed and the realtor was negotiating a short sale already. We asked him for his loan information after visiting with him in the hopes of buying the note (6 months in default).

10:00 Arrived back at their home. On our way home, Curtis received a second phone call from a lady facing foreclosure in June. He set up an appointment at 10:00 the following day. We also spent a good amount of time calling First Horizon mortgage Secondary Marketing Department. We were fortunate to contact Tom Mclemore and he stated that he would be sending us a couple of defaulted and performing note pools for us to review.

11:00 I spent with some time with Linda and Curtis regarding posting an ad for owner financing and a potential short sale on their Hilton Head, SC condo.

12:00 Lunch

1:00 We arrived back home. I wrote out their marketing plan and discussed Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activities.

2:00 We spent some time compiling a list of other home owners in the same Hilton Head condo development so that Linda and Curtis could contact them for other dissatisfied home owners. I showed Linda how to do a mail merge to save time when mass mailing letters.

4:00 I showed Curtis and Linda how to pull up out of state homeowners on the foreclosure list by cross referencing the list with Harris County Appraisal Districts.

5:30 We wrapped up the day with them completing the Mentor Evaluation.


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    • profile image

      cotter 5 years ago

      Cotter ofices ;This is great information. Thank you for publishing this. Many people leave very googd comments and it can get annoying. Thank you I really appreciate the articles you write.

      Houstot's Real Estate landscape

      My recent post Prepairing to buy a house for my family

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very informative. I am interested in learning more about:

      How to use IRAs to buy real estate (EnTrust?)

      How to buy defaulted notes and what to look for.

      Are you still in Houston? I am in the Clear Lake NASA area. I would love to buy you lunch sometime and talk. Have you read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad's Prophecy? - Carol

    • 1scottcarson profile image

      1scottcarson 8 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Hi Alicia! Thanks for the comment! Glad to help lend an informative hand!

    • Alicia Crowder profile image

      Alicia Crowder 8 years ago from Everywhere

      Thank you for writing this informative article!