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How 2 Make Money With Domain Names

Updated on July 4, 2010

Making Money with Domain Names

 Aloha Everyone:

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!! I was thinking about how to help those who are searching for something to replace their lost jobs. Something that will bring in enough every month to make it worth while during this current crisis where jobs are far and few between.

Little known to a lot of people on and off the internet is being able to make money off the buying and selling of domain names.

Domain Names are like owning a peice of real estate, actually this is what is called virtual real estate. It is actually better than regular real estate because it can be purchase at very low dollars and sold for many times more dollars. Also it is easier to take care of being it is virtual.

Now how do I make money with Domain Names???

There are several ways to make money with domain names. If you have a great domain name you have in mind you can go to and see if it is available. This is very simple, you don't even have to join the site. There are a lot of sites out there where you can do this. I am using this one as an example. If the domain name is available you can purchase it through the site of your choice.

The 1st way you can make money with your domain name is to simply park it on the site and do nothing else. Ok so how do I make money having done nothing else??? By parking your domain on the site, the site will take it and run with it from there. They will use your domain to place relevate advertising on it. Lets say you use something like flipmyvacation. whever. The site you have parked your domain at will put advertisement on it that advertises vacations. Any sales on the advertisements you will make money.

Ok your domain is now making money for you. At the same time you can be offering your domain name for sale. You can have it setup to take offers, offer it for a certian asking price or sell it at a later date in an auction.

The sites where you park your domain have simple instructions on how to setup and maintain your domain names.

Areas of interest where you can check out what things are doing with domain names.,,,,,, there are many more sites out there dealing in information on the buying and selling of domain names. It will blow your mind that so much money is being made in this area.

In all my writings I constantly remind everyone that education is the key to being SUCCESSFUL in anything you endeavor to do. Take the time to fully investigate any and all offers you see no matter how good they may appear to be. EDUCATION IS KEY.

I will followup this writing at a later date when I have sold some of the domain names that I currently own, until then my domain names will remain parked and earning that way.

Follow me for more information at a later date....

Have a great 4th of July....

Bruce Moring


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