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How Can I Get Money? Six Quick Ways

Updated on February 18, 2012

Are you short on cash? Are you having trouble paying your bills? Do you wish you could get some extra money, fast? Here are six great tips to help you generate extra money:

1 - The Easiest Way to Make Money is to Save Money

You can probably save hundreds of extra dollars by the end of this month simply by cutting back your expenses. If you truly need some extra cash, you should be willing to make a few sacrifices! And you will likely end up not even missing most of these items. If these sacrifices are really hard for you, tell yourself that they are just short-term changes. Easy places to cut back include:

  • stop going out to eat, and stop ordering takeout. Restaurant mark-ups are huge--you'll save lots of money if you prepare your food at home.
  • if you have a deluxe cable package, cut back to basic. If you already have basic, cut it off completely. After a few days, you'll get used to not having it.
  • Drop your gym membership. You probably don't use it anyway.
  • Get rid of your landline, if you even still have one.
  • Use coupons and buy generic brands at the grocery store. You can save 10% or more on your weekly grocery expenses.
  • Everyone has "extras" in their life that they can do without--ask yourself what your extras are, and get rid of them.

2 - Postpone Some of Your Bills

You might be able to pocket the amount of your car payment by the end of the month by not paying it. To do this without ruining your credit or getting your car repossessed, it is important that you call your lender right away. Many times, your lender will let you skip one or two payments during the life of your loan if you request an "extension." You can skip the payment and it will be tacked on to the end of the loan, extending the loan by a month. They will probably ask you for a reason--just tell them you are little stretched right now and need a month to get back on your feet.

You can often work out extensions or special payment arrangements on other bills, such as student loans and utility bills (like your phone bill or heat bill). By making arrangements to defer or skip payments, you could have hundreds of extra dollars by the end of the month. One word of warning - bills and obligations can be temporarily negotiated, but they don't go away. Don't make arrangements you can't live with.

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3 - Sell Some of Your Stuff

You could have extra money within a few days by using Craigslist or other services to try to sell unwanted items. Look around your house; there are probably many items that you could sell for extra cash. If you have enough things, put together a garage sale. Garage sales require quite a bit of time, but can net you hundreds of dollars.

4 - Cash in Your Change

If you have been throwing your loose change into a jar for any period of time, now is a good time cash it in. Even a small jar of coins can be worth tens of dollars or more. If you don't have time to sort it and roll it and take it to the bank, just grab your coins and head to the nearest coin machine, like Coinstar. You can find these at many grocery stores. You can get cash back for a small convenience fee, or it will put the full amount on a gift card.

5 - Sell Unused Gift Cards

There are many sites, like plasticjungle, where you can sell gift cards. You won't get back the full amount that the card is worth, but that shouldn't matter too much if you are desperate for cash.

6 - If Your Problem is Too Much Debt, Consider Credit Counseling

If you need money because you have creditors breathing down your neck, there is help out there. Consult a reputable consumer credit counseling organization (like Clearpoint, among many others). If you are able to enroll in a debt management plan, you will get fast relief from collections calls. The credit counseling company will negotiate a payment plan and reduced interest rates with your creditors. Plus, creditors will often agree to remove any late payment fees and over-the-limit fees that have been making it so hard for you to catch up. You'll pay a single payment each month to the credit counseling company and they will disburse the payments to your creditors. Of course, credit counseling only works if you have enough income to make payments. If your situation is really dire, you may have to consider other options.

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