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How College Students Can Make Money Online

Updated on March 25, 2014

College students are notoriously poor and in need of extra cash. There are numerous ways that college students can make extra money online.

College Students Need Cash!

College students are always in need of extra cash and typically quite poor. Whether college students need extra money to help pay for school, pay for books, or just to buy beer and pizza, there is no question that college students need cash!

College students also have easy access to free internet at school and lots of free time. Unlike those in the working world who already work 40 hours a week or those who are in high school and go to school for at least 8 hours a day plus after school activities, the average college student has 15 hours of classes per week. This leaves plenty of extra time to study and make extra money online.

But many college students don't know that they can make money online. There is a whole world of ways and resources to make money online. If you are a college student and looking to make some extra money, check out these ways to make money online. Not only will you have extra cash, which let's face it--never hurts, but you can also build a passive revenue stream so that you continue to earn money and passive income long after graduation. This will be helpful to supplement your income when you get out of school and may not have the highest paying job to start (or in this bad economy no job at all) and it can be used to pay off your student loans faster.

Make Money Writing Online

Check out paid to write sites or create a blog

There are numerous paid to write sites that will allow you to write articles or create websites and will share the revenue from those sites with you. Other sites will let you write reviews of products and pay you for your reviews.

You can also write a blog. You can set up a blog for free on Blogger or Wordpress and then write about anything you want. Monetize your blog with ads (learn more about that below) and you can make money writing your own blog.

Monetizing Your Blog

You can monetize your blog by either adding paid to click ads using programs such as Adsense or you can join an affiliate program in which you make money based upon sales of products through advertisements on your website. Amazon has perhaps the most popular successful affiliate program with their Amazon Associates program, but nearly every online retailer has an affiliate program.

How do you make extra money as a college student?

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How do you make money online?

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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Good hub on how college students can make money online. This will be useful for college students who are looking to make some money online. But it can also be helpful for others who want to make money online such as those who like to write.

    • bn9900 profile image

      Clayton Hartford 4 years ago from Alger WA

      I like your ideas on surveys online. Here is a list of sites I am members of: Global Test Market, Surveyspot, Opinion Outpost, I-Say, and MySurvey. To date this year I have earned about 700 dollars, Last year I earned 1150 dollars just from surveys, that is not including the products I tested and kept as well as the 75 dollars in Amazon gift cards, All told I probably earned 1500 dollars over all