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How De-Cluttering Saves You Money

Updated on April 29, 2019

We waste money is so many places that we don't even have a clue that they are costing us money. The society we live in pushes for us to have things all around us. The more we have, the happier we should be. The truth is that the more we have, the more money we are losing from our very own pockets. We have too much clutter.

Now to de-cluttering...It can actually save you money.

Understanding What De-Cluttering Is

Clutter is too much stuff around that creates a busy and, at times, stressful environment. It is things not having a place to be out of the way until needed. It is the opposite of being neat and tidy. Some people love this kind of environment around them though they don't realize how stressful it can be having so much stuff around us.

De-cluttering is finding a home for all that clutter. It is removing everything you don't need. Do you really need all those newspapers stacked in the corner? De-cluttering is getting rid of things that only take up space without any really big usefullness.

How to De-Clutter

Now that we understand what de-clutter means, let's look into how we can actually do. The how can actually be a very difficult part of all this once we realize we need to de-cllutter. If we haven't done it before, this is a new world we are entering.

The hows is based on what you can benefit from de-cluttering the item. Start by choosing one area of your house. It could be something as just one corner of your living room or the kitchen countertops. It's a good idea to not overwhelm yourself at the start which is easy to do.

Once you pick your starting point, empty it. Yes, completely empty it even of furniture and things on the wall. As you do, throw away anything that is obvious trash that you would have thrown away if when things were cluttered.

Now walk away for a bit. That emptying could be a little tense at first and seeing it empty can be emotional. Take half an hour or longer until you are ready to start de-cluttering.

Getting back to the job at hand, sit down on the floor. Sort everything you find. You might find obvious trash again. Make a pile of it. Next look for things that you absolutley have to have in that spot of the house. If it is a bookcase area, books are an obvious belong. Maybe a few knickknacks. But even with both of those, pause before putting them back in that corner. Do you REALLY need them? I mean REALLY!!!!!! Many times, we think we need items, but in reality we have harldly glanced at them or used them in years. If you haven't used it in years or see yourself using it in years, put it in a pile.

Now make a pile of things that you need but they don't belong where you had cleaned out. You can put them up when you get to cleaning that spot.

Get the idea? Let's move on.


In the prcoess of de-cluttering, you will find that some things are difficult to part with but they also are not on the need every day or even every week list. You don't have to achieve perfection in your de-cluttering the first time around. Store the iffy things.

Put the items in tubs and put them in the basement, attic, garage, or anywhere else so they are out of sight so you can focus on the rest.

Selling Items

Now to the topic of this entire to make money by de-cluttering. Let's jump into that. Sell that excess clutter.

Yard/Rummage Sale

This is a great way to get rid of stuff fast. People are always out looking for a deal. Got a ton of old gardening equipment you want to get rid of? There are many people out there who are looking for gardening equipment but don't want to pay the price for brand new items.Got costume jewelry you don't wear anymore? Others will pay for the privleage of wearing it. Some people are able to make several hundred dollars off their yard sales while decluttering their house.


There are many online ways to sell your clutter. Facebook has its section where you can advertise your items with pictures and let those local contact you. EBay is one you can nearly anything as well and has been around as long as Facebook. ThredUp is where you can sell name brand clothes and accessories that are gently worn. There are many other sites you can check out that specialize in particular items.

Resale Shops

There are consignment shops in nearly every town and city. They will generally take anything that is gently used and sell it for you and take a percentage of the sale. A name brand skirt could sell for $10. You would get $3-6 of that one. You get rid of clutter and help others make money as well.

Pawn Shop

You can get rid of valuable pieces by selling it to a pawn shop. They purchase jewelry, rare knick knacks, and even home decor. As you go through your clutter, pick out the most valuable pieces and see what they will give you for those items you don't need or want anymore.

Win Win

You make money while getting rid of clutter. You'll feel better with less around you that is stressful and frustrating. Clutter can mentally exhaust you. Get rid of it and make some money while you do it.


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