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How Do I Sell My Iraqi Dinar? Where & How To Sell Iraqi Dinar You're Holding

Updated on March 25, 2013

Looking To Get Rid Of Your Iraqi Dinar? How?

If you're reading this hub you are probably holding your own personal stock of Iraqi Dinar. People bought Iraqi Dinar for a number of reasons. SOme people bought the Dinar because they collect foreign currencies, some people bought it for the nuismatic value, and others bought it because they thought it was going to "revalue" and they would get rich overnight. Regardless of why you bought your Dinar maybe your looking to sell it and get your money back but are unsure about how to go about doing so.

You have several options when it comes to selling your Iraqi Dinar. The quickest and easiest way is to sell back to a dealer whether the dealer you bought from or another dealer. They will buy them and you will get a quick payout however they will pay you significantly less than you paid when you bought them. Threee dealers I have personally dealt with and can recommmend are Dinar Trade, Worldwide Collectibles, and DealOrBuyDinar. These dealers all provided me with good customer service and were honest. I'm not sure what their current buy prices are but you can contact them to find out.

Another option you have for selling your Dinar which will get you more money than selling to a Dealer is selling to someone looking to buy Dinar on a forum. There are a number of forums such as DinarVets that have a Buy/Sell section where members can buy and sell Dinar and other currencies from each other. This is a good option which will get you a fair price for your Dinar. Currently the going rate for selling Dinar is about $900 per million among members however some are higher and some are lower. Up until recently it was $1000 to $1100 however with dealers recently dropping their pricing it also drove down the market on the forums as well. Now you can probably expect to sell your Dinar for $900 per million.

The third option for selling your Dinar is ebay. Ebay is a huge audience and a good and safe place to sell your Dinar. The downside being ebay charges fees of around 10% and paypal will also hit you with fees of 0.30 cents plus another 2.9%, possibly lower if you are a power seller or top rated seller and get discounts.

Long story short your probably not going to get back what you paid for your Dinar unless you bought and got in at the ground floor and got yours at a great price. That said I hope this hub was informative and helpful in showing you how to sell your Iraqi Dinar and get the most money possible for it.

Where Do You Think Is Best Place To Sell Dinar?

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Dinar

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    • profile image

      BRYAN 2 years ago

      Hey everyone,

      According to me, Dealer is the best option. I'm also a dealer of Iraqi dinar at Dinar Inc. which is a global whole-seller of Iraqi Dinar. If anyone want to buy/sell Iraqi Dinar or VND Dong. Then one can call on our toll-free numbers 1-888-800-1977, 001-772-283-5152 and if anyone want to buy online then you can merely visit at and buy/sell it directly from website.

      Don't you think it makes your work easy.

    • rulesforrebels profile image

      rulesforrebels 4 years ago

      Ebay is a great place to sell Dinar, however keep in mind they will take about 13% after Paypal and Ebay fees. Another good place to sell is on forums or message boards such as DInarVets.

    • getdong profile image

      BuyIQD 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      If anyone is looking to buy or sell we deal in the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnam Dong. Contact us at 800-884-1288 for our buy in rates. As for selling were currently selling VND Dong at $75 per million and Iraqi Dinar at $999 per million. Visit us at