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How Do I make Money Working At Home

Updated on May 8, 2020
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I am a mother of three wonderful adult children, and I'm also a born-again Christian. I love to share my personal experiences.


Being Your Own Boss

So you want to make extra money or perhaps you are tired of working for someone else and just want to be your own boss, work at your own leisure, and still have money to pay your bills. Or possibly a second supplemental income just to enjoy and have fun spending. Or you may have other responsibilities, that require you to be home. There are many reasons to work from home.

Believe it or not there are many opportunities to make extra money, you just have to find what works for you and when you do, you will make the way.

I have kept my options opened. I have been preparing for the the day that I can no longer work in what I am doing at the present time. For one thing it requires heavy lifting, which means that I am sure that I am not going to be doing that type of work forever, I am not getting any younger. None of us are. ;)

Another thing is sometimes in a job there can be a lot of unfairness that goes on, and sometimes a boss will bring their own personal feelings into the equation and not see the entire picture. Working for yourself lessens the stress and allows you to be more available for those who really do need you. In my case my special needs daughter.

I am going to give you some tips in starting a job that might work for you. I have been observing people who have made good money working for themself and if they can make it work surely we can too. It just takes time and patience. We know as blog writers that some things just don't happen overnight.


There Are Many Ways To Making Money

You Alone Have To Decide What You Are Willing To Do To Make Money

Hard work, commitment, and perseverance produces results

I am only going to share with you the options that are out there. I have seen others making it work for themselves. It can work for you too. It is up to you to allow these options to show you which path you wish to take. Or they can give you some new ideas for making money.

First thing comes first: Are you even prepared to make money? Here are some things to take into consideration, before even deciding on the path you wish to take.

Let's get started:

  • 1 What you have to take into consideration is your family life, and how it will affect them. If you have small children you should not leave them alone without being supervised. You can work around their schedule if necessary.

    For example during their nap time and at night when they are asleep. If that doesn't work out for you then get a babysitter to watch them in your home well you work. It is IMPORTANT to not leave small children alone unsupervised.
  • 2 If you are married and have a spouse make sure this person understands and supports you in your venture to make money at home while being your own boss. You can't do it unless you have their support.
  • 3 Get your family involved if it is something that you can all do together and not only make it just about work, but make it fun as well.
  • 4 Set a routine: When it comes to making money at home or outside of the home. If you just do it whenever you want you may get lazy and procrastinate and waste good valuable time.

    For example: You are doing computer work and instead you get caught off guard by spending time on Facebook. Keep a routine and do your own 'social media stuff' on your own time of leisure. Remember this is a job and although you are your own boss you should still be disciplined.
  • 5 Environment is important if you are working an office type of job, make sure you pick a place within your home where it is quiet and comfortable. You don't want to have any distractions. If you can focus better by having soft music in the background then by all means do it.

    Pick a comfortable chair because you are going to be sitting there for awhile and you don't need to be getting cramped up. Take a break and go for a walk if necessary. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and focused.


Some Ways To Make Money

Here is one way to make fast money, go out on a street corner. I hear that they make pretty good money that way. Ok all kidding aside, no bad intent. I know that there are a few people that really do need help and are homeless, but there are also many who abuse this system, and they make pretty good money panhandling.

Take your talents and abilities and use them well. I am going to give you a few ideas, it is up to you to do your own investigating, so let's see what works for you. We are all different.

No Matter what you decide; remember word of mouth and a lot of advertising is the only way that people are going to know about it.

  • 1 For the craft lovers: believe it or not you can make a lot of money just by creating crafts. It can also be a family project by getting the family involved. You have to love what you design and make for it to work. This is what I mean when I say for the craft lovers.

    Ways to selling online. You can sell on ebay , etsy , zazzle , artfire, and cafepress just to name a few. Or you can have your own small business website. My nephew has started his own website with an online store, and it is really taking off. But remember that didn't happen overnight, he put a lot of energy and time into his endeavor. If you don't want to sell your crafts online then you can also sell them at social fairs. Or retail stores such as gift shops, boutiques and/or art galleries.
  • 2 Another thing I have seen people doing right where I live is having a garage sale. I have a neighbor practically selling their stuff every week. Apparently they are doing really well for themselves because I always see people there when I pass by.I also had a co-worker who asked me to give her the clothes I don't want anymore, instead of giving them to the thrift stores. What she does is pass them on to people who take these clothes and sell them. Kind of like having your own thrift store. It must work for them because they stay in business off of other peoples items that they no longer want.Go to a flea market and sell your goods, I hear from people who do these kinds of sales are really making a profit. Sometimes off of your own items that you no longer want nor need.I once had a man come to my house and collect all my scrap metal items, then what he did was go to a place where they recycle scrap metal, and he actually made quite a bit of money, just by getting the stuff that I no longer wanted.Aluminum cans can also make you a few dollars, maybe not a lot but my guess is it helps, that is what my father did. Recycling also helps the environment.
  • 3 Pet Lovers: You can pet sit and earn money doing that, or take a dog out for a walk. They have free websites where you can put up your profile and let people in your own hometown know what you do. There are so many people looking for sitters and someone just to spend time with their pets while they are away. is a free website that you can sign up for where people can find you. There is also craigslist but please be-careful that you never do anything by yourself when meeting with a stranger.

    I have a niece who groomed dogs as a part time job on the side, and she made a lot of cash while providing this service.

    There are also people who have their own business in picking up animal poop from yards. I wish I could afford to have someone come and pick up my dogs poop, I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way. So for the pet lovers there are plenty of people looking for you.
  • 4 For the nice car owners: You can rent out your car, seriously that is what they are doing now days, making money renting out their own cars. Of course you have to be smart about it, you just don't go out and rent out your car to just anybody. I am sure they get collateral (or copies of driver's license) before allowing someone in their vehicle.
  • 5 Giving blood or plasma; this is extra money and fast and easy. You can also be paid to do certain health studies. I am not sure I would be one to want to be anyone's guinea pig, but for the person who is brave this is simply another way of making money,
  • 6 My niece was making a lot of money by putting on eyelash extensions, she actually had regular clients that would come to her to perform this service. It is having the ability to find out what is popular and what people are looking to have done, rather then having to pay someone for a lot more money (that they most likely don't have), so they would rather come to you and pay less.

    Selling beauty products: this doesn't work for everyone you have to have a passion and also know a lot of people, and that again is by word of mouth or door to door. Every once in awhile I will see a card advertising Avon products. There is also Mary Kay, etc.
  • 7 Elance - Access over 2 million skilled freelancers from around the world. Find rated web developers, mobile programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketing pros, virtual assistants and more. They even look for Squidoo and Ezinearticle writers!! More cash opportunities, and faster work as well. My nephew says, "Just create a compelling profile with a portfolio of PDF files to show off the work you have already done."

    Working from home has become so popular and a way of life for millions of people, but there is a lot of competition out there so it is up to you to find the right fit.

    My son works for a professor by writing for him, grading tests, etc., and he makes good money doing this right in the comfort of his own home.

    Blogging: that is kind of what we do here at squidoo, here is a link to go to if you're interested in learning more about how to blog and make money.(christianpf) shows you how to make money and also how to blog.

    Doing surveys can also help you make money but that isn't really making the big bucks, though it is just another way of making extra cash.
  • 8 Being your own boss by cleaning homes and offices. Yes you are working for someone but you set the days and times and you get to take home all the of the money. When you work for a company you only get a percentage of it.
  • 9 Amazon is hiring, sell on ebay or build websites, there are so many opportunities out there it is up to us to find them.
  • 10 My friend's mother pays a man to mow her lawn on a regular basis. He actually earns a decent income mowing lawns for most of his neighbors. He is retired and still making money. It can be done.
  • 11 Work in detailed car washing, inside and out. You know that there are so many people who would love to have their cars detailed? I took my car in to get thoroughly clean detailed and it was like going to get your hair done at a beauty shop, it felt so good. Create business cards that show advertising in what your service is. Put it up on billboards, work places, stores, even your local church. There is a lot out there you just have to find them.
  • 12 Marketing a website: My nephew has succeeded in his business but that involved a lot of work and research for him to succeed, here is his lens link about marketing your website Marketing a New Website

    Remember what I said prior; when here there is a will there's a way.

Things To Remember Be Positive

Remember what you put into any type of work is what you get back. I am talking about jobs that are legitimate that you have to work for, and that doesn't always come easy. But just think about those people who stayed persistent and never gave up. They progressed and today they are actually making serious money.

How To Make Money Online! 2014 Free! - YouTube


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