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How Do You Feel About Tax Time?

Updated on May 7, 2012

How are you feeling about your taxes this year? Are you excited, worried, or just numb - trying to get it done. What is stirring your emotions? Maybe you're thinking about what you could do with all that cash - if you weren’t forced to give it away?

I think about what I could do with all the money. I think how I could improve my personal finances for me and my family. Then I feel choler because I know that most of my money is going to be used by politicians for their own agenda and political gain. Money they never earned!

While government flourishes on taxes, politicians are conjuring up new excuses to pick your pocket. Politicians salivate over each dollar like an eager child filled with awe on Christmas morning. They know all too well the power, wealth, and control an open check book brings to the table.

Do we need to pay taxes?

Absolutely! Government needs money to operate. Government was meant to protect your liberty, property, and ensure you have choice. Some critical services include a strong military for defense, coinage and regulation of money, regulating commerce between the states and with foreign countries, controlling naturalization, and creating legislation that is just and reasonable for the welfare of its citizens.

Are we paying too much?

Yes! Way too much. It doesn’t and shouldn’t cost that much to run a good government.

America was very prosperous before the income tax. The government was not giving away foreign aide, subsidizing business, or social welfare with other peoples money. People were accountable for themselves, their families, and their communities. Everyone contributed to society. Even the poorest of the poor found a way to make ends meet.

Not only are you made to pay income tax, you are re-taxed for the products you need. Gas, heating oil, phone services, electricity, cars, computers, furniture, are just a few. You pay tax on just about everything you buy. You pay tax after your taxed.

Your future is put jeopardy as this double dipping Ponzi scheme robs you of your savings.

Government is charged by law (the 14th Admendment) to protect your property. Your hard earned money is your property.

If you have a retirement plan and you need access to that money due to some unfortunate change in your circumstances, you have to pay tax and then a penalty. Government has no moral pride in acquiring free cash by taxing the dead with the Inheritance Tax.

Where does all your money go?

Most of it goes to waste, special interest, people who don’t want to work.

Billions of your dollars are wasted every year on foreign aid. Many countries receiving your free money already have it and their leaders are rich at he expense of their own people. Poor countries are poor because their governments keep it that way. The people of poor countries see very little because their governments are corrupt and they steal it.

Half of America is on welfare and food stamps. These programs provide an incentive for people to sit home and collect a free paycheck. If you’re on welfare and want to work you can’t because a job will pay you less and your free paycheck will stop. This is proof that government creates class warfare.

Your money that is spent on so called educated Social Workers. Social workers who are unable to distinguish between those who really need help and those who want a free ride. The Welfare offices are filled with people wearing more gold than Mr. T.

Your hard earned money is going to subsidize businesses that would have failed years ago. Even large well to do corporations get free money from the government. Railroads, banks, and other corporations are constantly being bailed out. In the 1980s government bailed out the banks for making bad loans. Today history is still repeating itself. No one has a right pay debt from public funds.

Your government is giving away millions to farms. Government gives your money to Tobacco Farms while at the same time spending thousands on ad campaigns to stop people from smoking. Farmers are paid handsomely to sell their corn for use as ethanol, an inefficient and corrosive fuel.

Politicians use your money to make friends and buy votes. Spending thousands on lavish parties and vacations to lure support from large corporations, foreign dignitaries, and special interests.

Our Representatives and Senators have the very best in benefits (including health care) and are paid very well. While in office many get richer using their political clout. When they feel like it they just give themselves a raise using your money.

Government employees have better benefits and salaries the average citizen who holds a similar position in the private sector. All level of government are on the bandwagon right down to your local school board.

How Did We Get Here?

Spend, spend, and spend. Government has been throwing money at anything and everything for years. And why not, government isn't made accountable for its actions by the people. So why should it care? It knows more is on the way and that you will pay. Government has the weight of law on its side. With every law congress passes you are held accountable to pay for it out of your own pocket.

Here is some spending from the past that should astonish and anger you. This was money that you earned and was wasted on golf courses, business, universities, and anything else that can be had for self promotion in 2008.

  • $62 million for 38 per projects - Rep. James Clyburn - Democrat, South Carolina
  • $196.3 million for 96 projects - Sen. Blanche Lincoln - Democrat, Arkansas
  • $149.2 million for 72 pet projects - Rep. John Murtha - Democrat, Pennsylvania
  • $87.9 million for 32 pet projects - Rep. James Oberstar - Democrat, Minnesota
  • $174 million for 201 pet projects - Sen. Richard Shelby - Republican, Alabama
  • $10.3 million for 18 pet projects - Rep. Don Young - Republican, Alaska

Congress wasted over half billion dollars to bribe each other to vote on bills they probably would not have voted for. They call it politics and the politics will go on for years.

Remember the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis? That bridge collapsed during rush hour. Another incident in Philadelphia where a two mile stretch of I-95 had to be shut down for two days. Fortunately the bad road support was found shortly before it collapsed. It is obvious that no one is minding the store.

Is it astonishing that government is willing put its own citizens at risk for its own satisfaction? Is it morally right that you could suffer injury or even death at the hands of your own government?

There is even more

$3.3 Trillion dollars has been given away by Congress and the Federal Reserve to companies, banks, and financial institutions that should no longer exist. Billions of dollars passed through congressional hands to get the health care bill passed. What was the first thing congress did when they reconvened in January 2010 in hard economic times? Congress gave themselves a raise.

Sins of want and ignorance

Politicians have created generations want. Want contributes nothing to society. Want lingers in the halls of emptiness for handouts. Want burden's society with crime and despair and ever increasing taxes for even more want. Want learns to want more and knows no other way. Want has no accountability, respect, or pride and is difficult to cure.

Politicians depend on ignorance. Back room deals and hiding earmarks within critical legislation is necessary for business as usual. Politicians know and understand that many people are complacent or too busy dealing with their own lives. They know that the very people that elected them will not question them or take them to task.

Where Are We Going?

It's obvious - we're going to spend even more in the years ahead. Politicians are determined to plunge us further into national and personal debt when we can least afford it the most. Oh yes, they talk about cutting the deficient. Let's see them do it!

This irrational spending is not for security, infrastructure, or the economy. It's for waste and social programs that are will horribly failing.

Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are literally trillions in debt right now. Look around and notice how many senior citizens are working at Walmart, Home Depot, and other retail chains. Do you know why they're working? Because the government can not keep its promised to take care of them. They paid dearly for Social Security but they're not getting enough. Why? Because government has allowed the dollar to devaluate raising the cost everything from food to health care. The money senior citizens get can not cover their merger expenses. Be wary and careful - this could happen to you.

What is at stake?

You are! Your personal economy is at stake. Your family's personal economy is at stake. Your children's personal economy is at stake. Your country is at stake.

What will you do? The choice is yours - you don't just have to make it - you have to live it!

But yet - maybe - you have to experience it first hand before you get it.


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    • profile image

      lauren 8 years ago

      i got my taxes tooken away last year and it hit me hard cause i was gone to by a new CAR! and a new TV it sucks......really bad!

    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 8 years ago

      Absolutely Fantastic hub! I am very impressed and happy that you took the time to write out a very clear and un-biased review. keep in touch..

    • dlarson profile image

      Dan 9 years ago from Priest River, ID

      Excellent! I agree 100% and only regret that Ron Paul didn't stick it out until the bitter end. I may just write him in anyway.