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How I Got Around Chexsystems with the UCC and A4V Methods.

Updated on April 16, 2012

In 2008, I was facing some financial trouble, which led to my checking account being overdrafted for $310.41. We all know that overdraft, or "service", fees are just another way for the banks to profit from you.

Being unable to cover that negative balance with my then bank, they closed my account and reported me to Chex Systems, which is a network comprised of banks nationwide that inform each other about a consumer that attempts to open a new account with a financial institution that is a member of such.

So, I was forced to rely on check-cashing places in order to cash my checks as well obtaining money orders to pay my bills. While it is true that there are financial institutions that do not rely on Chex Systems to grant you a new account, if you still want to fight to restore dignity to your good name, here is how you can do it based on my experience dealing with both, Chex Systems and some banks and/or credit unions that have either rejected me or were more than willing to grant me a new account with them.

Otherwise, you can wait for the negative item on your Chex Systems to be removed after 5 years. If you do not want to wait, here is what you can attempt to do:

What I Did and How I Did It

Just as you have the right to free credit reports once a year from all of the 3 major credit bureaus, you also are entitled to your Chex Systems file for free annually as well. Go to this link It is Chex Systems' official website to access your file.

Click on FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) Free Report and provide them with the requested information. You should receive your free report in 5 business days.

Once you receive the file and see the negative information that your financial institution has placed against you, visit the website again at this link to dispute that information. You will have to download and print a Consumer Request for Reinvestigation form. Once you have the paper form, this is what you can write under the Nature of Dispute section of the form, which is what I wrote on mine:

"Please settle this account to zero per UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) 3-419 and per Public Policy HJR (House Joint Resolution) 192 (Public Law 73-10)"

You will then sign your name and next to it state "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308".

Mail it in to them at the address on top of the form and within 30 days, they will notify you of their findings.

If, and when, you receive the results of their investigation only to show that they will not remove the negative item from your file, then go back to the same Chex Systems website link that you visited to download the Request for Reinvestigation Form and click on the Request for Consumer Statement form. Print it and include the following statement to show on your file:

"Per HJR 192 of 1933, under the UCC, and due to the absence of real 'money supported by substance', discharging one's part of the public debt through THE UNITED STATES TREASURY is the ONLY lawful way to settle all prior debts and convictions. This shall be done in ADMIRALTY by the voluntary tender and offer of 'THE EXEMPTION'".

Lastly, sign it and include the "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308" citation. Chex Systems will then make that statement public and place it underneath your negative item. Therefore, the next time you try to open a new account with a bank, that statement will be seen by the bank's representative. The banks are all aware of the UCC because that is what governs their transactions and, by placing that statement to your file, they cannot deny that you are aware of the game.

After doing the above myself, I was unsure of its effectiveness until my mother opened an account and asked me to be added per her Power of Attorney in 2011. Being there with her at the bank, the branch manager asked for my information before adding me as account co-holder. I warned the manager not to bother because am not eligible due to my Chex Systems record. She insisted anyway just to see. So, I gave her my information and she came back saying that Chex Systems cleared me and that am able to hold an account with my mother. Go figure. It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn the above procedure actually worked.

Best wishes if you decide to try it for yourself.


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    • monicamelendez profile image

      monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City


    • profile image

      dang007 5 years ago


      Has this method still worked out for you ? Still no problem opening new bank accounts ? Have you tried opening an account with only yourself as the sole signatory ?

    • profile image

      Lew 6 years ago

      Now study your rights to accept for value all your bills under those same laws