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How I Got My Christmas Presents for Free

Updated on December 11, 2014
Get your Christmas presents for free!!
Get your Christmas presents for free!!

Get Free Money Using these Tips

As a single mother Christmas has always been a hard time for me. Bills such as food, rent, light and water take a higher priority over Christmas presents, but no mother should have to see their child go without while other children are opening up their gifts. This year I decided I would get my son a key great Christmas gifts without having to sacrifice our living expenses. I knew the task would not be busy and it was going to take creativity and hard work, but I got it down. Here are a few tips and tricks that I used to get my Christmas presents for free and dirt cheap.

Someone's Trash became my Treasure- I looked for gifts in thrift shops and second hand stores. I was very surprised at the amount of unopened and almost like new items that I found. In the thrift store I found two toys still sealed in the box that was perfect for my son. One was a play dough set and one was a very fun looking dart game. I also found a very attractive canister set perfect for my sister. The total for all these great finds was 4.00. I was shocked and elated with the price of my treasures.

I looked for change under the couch- I literally looked for change under the couch, in my car seats, old purses, If a penny was the ground I didn't miss it. Coins started looking a lot brighter to me when I found out the Coinstar machine at my local grocery store would take my change and convert it to an amazon gift card, without charging any fees! This method my it so easy for me to make my purchases. Not only did I no longer have to use my bank card on Amazon, I could instantly get rid of my change and make quick purchases. Change really does add up fast!!

I utilized mobile phone apps- My phone is always with me so i did a quick search to find out if there was anything that could help me earn some spending cash. I discovered two great apps, Savings Star and Swag Bucks TV.

Savings Star is a awesome app that gives you money for buying products that you normally buy. For instance I could earn fifty cents for buying a can of Pillsbury biscuits. The purchases are tracked through your registered store reward card and credited to your account withing 24 hours. Once you balance of five dollars is reached you can redeem for a Paypal transfer. Once I reached five dollars I cash out and spent my balance at amazon and bought my son a very nice train set.

Swag Buck TV is as equally a awesome app as Saving Star, but require less work. Once you install the app on your phone you have access to movie trailers, fashion videos, news videos and more and for every four videos that you watch you get two swag bucks once you reach 450 swag bucks you can redeem for a five dollar Amazon gift card. Once I reached 450 I used my five dollar amazon gift card to go toward a purchase of a awesome rocket tent.

I take Survey and Cash out in Amazon Gift Cards- The majority of my free gift purchases have been made from Amazon gift cards provided by a site called Opinion Outpost. I have been a member with this company for a few years and have made nearly 1,000 with this site. You are paid a certain amount for each survey that you can complete and once you reach 5.00 you are able to redeem for a five dollar Amazon gift card. I recently used my gift card balance to pay for my Dad's Amazon Fire TV stick with some left over to purchase myself a hot jumpsuit(Mom needs love too!).

This year I can honestly I was less stressed out about the Christmas gifts this year! I will definitely be using these tips for years to come.


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    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      You certainly have used your imagination to come up with these great ideas for gift buying. I love the thrift store idea and have shopped at these bargain stores for many years. There is another way to get free merchandise from soda products if you use them. Coke sweepstakes has t-shirts, caps, movie tickets and other items that you can get for entering the code under the caps from their products on their website.


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