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How I save money everyday

Updated on February 10, 2011

How much money do we spend on things and we believe there is no cheaper option? I started trying to spend less money long before this recession started. I like spending my money on travels, but while I was saving for those I realized I was spending far too much money on certain things. Why should we pay for things that we can easily do ourselves?

With a bit of thinking power you can save money without renouncing to the things you like and enjoy the most.

Mobile Phones

I bought my current mobile phone back in 2001. When I tell this to people the result I get is a mixture of disbelief and laughter.

The society we live in tells us is not cool to have phone older than two years old. Mine is ten years old and I am proud of it to shout it out. Just think that all the eight phones you have owned for the past ten years now they are in some landfill, and will be there for a few thousand years more. Our landfills don't need more mobile phones.

I also don't pay any monthly plan. I use pay as you go. Just think about it. Do you really need those unlimited minutes, 5,000 texts a month and all that data? Really.

Phone plans are abusive.

I spend an average of $10 a month.

It is easy to fall into the "I need this phone with all this data. I need it". Stop for five minutes and think about it. You probably don't. Stop checking your phone and check out what is happening out there in the real world.

Beauty & Hair

Ha! We women are sucker when it comes down to beauty. We want to look like those photoshoped 'faked beauties' we see in every tv advert and magazines. When you realized they are fake, you are free to take over your natural beauty. And that does not cost much.

Beauty supplies

There are no expensive cosmetics in my bathroom cabinet. I used to have lots of them, I confess. But I realized they are not better than the more affordable ones, the only difference is the marketing fees each of them has to pay, increasing their price.

It was on a trip to Africa when i realized how much money I was pouring down the drain on cosmetics. I saw all these African women with skin like baby's bottoms. Natural beauty. I run to the store to check out what these women were using. Dove bars. That's it. It was not only simple but cheap!

Since then, I keep my skin hydrated with a light moisturizer and lots of water. I also have Dove bars in stock in my bathroom.


It was also on this trip to Africa that I changed my view on hairdressing. I went from paying $65 a time at a hair salon in Ireland to nothing during those seven months in Africa.

I learned how to cut my hair myself. For sure the first two times are not going to be anything you might want to remember but once you cross that line, it is easy! The best haircut is the layered one as you don't have to be so careful, and it adds volume! Beautiful and free hair. Plus with all the hydration you have been doing to keep your skin moisturized, your hair will be shiny and gorgeous.

Entertainment & Dining Out

Entertainment is a big part of our lives. We work all day and when we don't work we want to keep ourselves entertained. Reading, going out, knitting...whatever makes you tick. Everything is going to cost you though. You can also save money if you spend five minutes thinking about it.


Nowadays, I only go to matinees shows. My local costs me $7 as opposed as $9.50 for a later show. It is also less crowded and you get to enjoy cleaner bathrooms.

Satellite and Digital TV fees

I don't pay any. How do I do it? Well, first of all I don't own a tv. For American people this is easy to achieve. We always have Netflix. You get to see the programs you want, whenever you want, without the ads. And also you avoid brainless programs like the Kardashians (who are they?) and silly game programs. You get more out of your time as don't have to wait around for the program of your choice to start.

Everybody now has a computer, the only thing you have to pay is a small fee (which is nothing compared to the satellite or digital tv fees).

Dining Out

Eating out at a nice restaurant is one of the finest pleasures in life. But it can be hard on your wallet. Next time you go out look at your bill. Where did you spend so much? It is probably on drinks, right? When I go out I only ask for water. It is free and great for your health. It gives you energy, clears your skin and keeps your cell moisturized. Ask for a soft drink and you'll get cavities and calories. Ask for an alcoholic drink and your bill will be doubled.

When it comes the time to order an entree, my husband and I always share one. There is so much food on an entree! We certainly don't need two entrees. And we are always successful, our dining out days come out at $15-20 in total. For two people. Now, look into your wallet and see how much you spent last night.

Some restaurants will charge you if you are sharing, make sure you know about their policy.


Buy everything on sale and avoid big labels. As with fancy cosmetics, they have to put up their prices to pay for the costly marketing campaigns. Big fancy labels is not equal to good clothes.

The Price of Food

This must be my favorite one. I love walking around farmer's market and fancy stores. The eye opener was a few years when I bought a 'rustic' three-seeded bread. Delicious. I wolfed it down in two days. I needed (well, I wanted) another loaf. But I did not want to pay the $6.50 that would cost me. Why not make it myself? So my bread making started. And... it is actually better than that first loaf of 'rustic' bread.

You cannot only make bread, but jam, fancy tapenades or even your favorite ice cream!

It is fun, and it makes sense.


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    • CrisKat profile image

      CrisKat 7 years ago

      Thanks Diana Lee,

      there are tons of ways on how to save money, I just wanted to put the ones that work for me :)


      thanks, it is true, if you don't have discipline you will get into trouble. It is so easy to let you go and buy more things that what you don't need.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 7 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I loved your ideas. Thanks for a great hub.