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How Money Is Made Online

Updated on April 13, 2016

There are 3 basic things you can do to make money online.

Do note, however, that there are so many ways to make money on the internet.

Consider them all, and you will see that they all fall into the three basic categories we'll be discussing in this article

Coming first on my list is making money online by selling products and services. By the term 'selling products', I mean selling your hand works on the internet. Handworks? Yes! Selling anything made by you online. Physical products such as pieces of artworks, Books, clothing materials, magazines and so on are making good sales on the internet. Have a look at amazon and you will be convinced.

eProducts is as well making huge sales online. In fact, more than 60% of online transactions is from the sales of eProducts such as eBooks, softwares, themes, eBook covers, apps or applications, video courses, information products, affiliate products and lots more. There is technically no end to the varieties of things you could create and sell online.

Gone are the days of the 9am to 5pm professions. Here is the opportunity to make honest cash doing things you love to do at your leisure time.

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Let's never forget about 'selling services'

I also call it "selling one's expertise online"

Basically, what you do here is to offer to do something for a client...while the client pays some money for the service

Technically, it is called freelancing. The freelancer is trading his time and expertise for some money while the client is getting his job done (real quick) in the process. This is pretty easy as the tasks freelancers perform (most of the time) are very simple and not time-consuming

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Okay, now let's consider 'selling advertisement space'

Selling advertisement space is one more thing you can do to make money online. It is as easy as being the presenter of a popular TV programme...and making money by advertising for popular brands and corporations.

To be able to 'sell advertisement space', you need to have a website...a pretty popular website for that matter, because the principle here is: The more people you reach via advertising, the more money you make.

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Finally, one other thing you can do to make money online is by helping publishers sell their products online.

In technical terms, it is called affiliate marketing. This business model is pretty impressive, actually one of my favourite. All you need to follow are simple steps. Look for a good affiliate network and join for free. Then search through for products that are selling fast online. Come up with a business plan, that is, how to advertise these hot products to the right market. Take the product straight to its buyers.

This is pretty simple right? Anyone can do it

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