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How much is 500MB Of Mobile Internet

Updated on February 5, 2015

Is 500MB Mobile Internet Enough

There is no direct answer to this question because it all depends on the type of the use. 500MB is ideal for browsing the Internet, and not for downloading, or watching videos. 1 minutes of YouTube video for example equals about 2.25MB. That will leave you with only about 3 hours of videos per month. While a mobile page equals 0.01MB to 0.02MB. This means you will be able to open more than 30,000 mobile pages per month. Which is too much, even for regular users.

To ensure a balanced use, make a plan on how to spend your daily 16MB. So for each day for example, you can watch 5 minutes of You Tube videos, download a small game or an application, and open as much as 100 mobile pages, or 10 normal pages.

Most websites like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, social and news websites have their own mobile version.

To further save your Internet data, you can minimize the page capacity by reducing the image quality or the font size. You can also use live feeds. Live feeds need less kilobytes than mobile pages.

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