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How My Legal Membership Saves Me Money

Updated on November 20, 2012
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I belong to a legal membership program that helps me save money on legal services. I pay a flat fee each month to be a part of this program. It has helped me several times in my life and has been well worth the cost.

Asking Legal Questions
One of the benefits of the legal membership is that I have access to attorneys whenever I want it or need it. I can call and ask them any legal question I want. I typically get a call back on the same day; occasionally I have to wait a day for them to get back to me. Their guarantee is that they will get back to you within 8 business hours. This has helped me with several legal problems including questions about bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, business, and rental issues. If I had contacted an attorney with the questions I have had over the years, it would have cost me significantly more money than what I have paid in membership dues during that same time period.

Hiring an Attorney
Another feature of the legal membership service is being able to hire an attorney for a discount. I was able to save on legal fees during my divorce because of this service. All I had to do was call them to let them know I needed to hire a divorce attorney. They referred me to a local divorce attorney that same day. I paid a smaller per hour fee for my attorney because of my membership. I saved about $30 per hour on my attorney fees. Because of the number of hours it took to complete my case, I ended up saving thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Reviewing Documents
Another benefit of having a legal services membership is that they can review legal documents for me. They will review a legal document up to a certain page limit for free every year. Beyond that, I have to pay a certain amount for whatever else I want them to review. Taking documents to an attorney to review would easily cost me hundreds of dollars for the attorney’s time for each document.

Another great part about this service is that it not only covers me but also my spouse and my kids. There is also an emergency legal hotline I can use if I ever get into a situation where I need immediate legal help. Overall, I have saved thousands in legal fees because of my legal membership service.


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