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How Social Media Websites Can Help You Shop Online. Find the Best Products. Save Money!

Updated on April 12, 2013
Finding discounts on Facebook can be easy
Finding discounts on Facebook can be easy


Facebook is a goldmine when it comes to online shopping perks. This is because most retailers these days, have Facebook accounts or fan pages. They are all in competition with each other to be noticed by you! Yes, you! How are they going to do that? By blinding you with offers and promotions.

Why don't you try searching on Facebook for your favourite online retailer to see what special deals they have on at the moment. You usually find promotional codes to get money off your next online order or if you are lucky, get free samples or giveaways. Most of the time, all you need to do is 'like' them to receive rewards.

Don't forget how useful your Facebook friends can be in purchase decisions can send them links to get their opinions of the things you want to buy, before you hand over your precious cash. They might have seen it cheaper elsewhere or they might want to share their good or bad experiences with a particular retailer.


Instagram is a great little social networking site that allows users to upload pictures, straight from a mobile phone, directly onto the website for all to see; whether it be pics of the kids, wild nights out or favourite holiday snaps.

Although, did you know that companies also feature some of their hottest items for sale on Instagram? Especially those small little retailers that specialise in really niche, hard to find items. For them, it is a great marketing tool to earn some extra money but for you, its a great way of finding some really unique products.

Want to get your hands on some original, chic, vintage clothing or a custom made birthday cake? The choice is yours - get searching!

Use Google+ for a little shopping inspiration
Use Google+ for a little shopping inspiration

Google +

If you have ever signed up to Google +, you will notice the sheer amount of online communities that exist there.

Say for example you are looking for some unique, vintage jewellery. As you can see in my picture, I simply searched for the term, "vintage jewellery" and as if by magic, Google+ found me an awesome page dedicated to just that. Within the community page, I found some great online and offline retailers to check out plus some stunning pictures for inspiration.

I could imagine this being a useful tool, in instances when buying a new digital camera for example. There are far too many cameras on the market to choose from, especially for a novice. You could simply search for a community dedicated to digital cameras and who knows... you might find some helpful advice and product recommendations.

Find exclusive deals: Shops are embracing social media by offering discounts and giveaways to followers.
Find exclusive deals: Shops are embracing social media by offering discounts and giveaways to followers.


If you have ever been inclined to make a purchase decision online without reading customer reviews first, (then regretting it later) why not turn to trusty Twitter to find out what people are really saying about your dream computer or your favourite hair straighteners?

If you think about it, buying things online can be a real gamble...especially when you can't preview the shop displays in person. That is why it can be useful to listen to the opinions of others; this way, you can really make an informed choice without wasting your precious pennies.

Another thing to remember, is that many shops these days have an online Twitter account for publicity sake. If you are lucky, your favourite stores might feature some secret discount codes for you to use to get money off future purchases, or insights into new product arrivals.

Lisa Eldridge: Celebrity makeup artists recommend the best beauty buys
Lisa Eldridge: Celebrity makeup artists recommend the best beauty buys


Youtube is full of people like you and I, all wanting to share their interests and passions with the world. I have been using it for years and years as a tool to find some great products. I personally use it to discover the best beauty products on the market; especially those recommended by celebrity makeup artists, such as the much loved, Lisa Eldridge.

Whether you are looking for cosmetics and hair products, the hottest video game and film titles, latest technology advances...Youtube has it all. Whatever you are looking for, there are talented people out there who can help point you in the right direction.

If you are dubious about someone's product recommendation, why not read the comments below the video to see what other people are saying...the public do not generally hold back when voicing their opinions!

Say for instance you are thinking of buying your son a new video game for his XBOX but you have absolutely no idea where to start looking. You could just search for something like "best xbox horror games 2013" to see what is 'hot'... and what is definitely 'not'.

Pinterest allows users to share their collection of 'scrapbooks' with others; perfect for creating a virtual 'wish list'
Pinterest allows users to share their collection of 'scrapbooks' with others; perfect for creating a virtual 'wish list'


I just love Pinterest - you can use it for many things but I use my account as an accessible virtual shopping list or 'wish list'.

You know when you see something online that you just know you have to buy on next pay day but you don't want to forget where you saw it, this is the tool you need! Think of it as a handy bookmarking tool...

Just imagine how useful this could be for gathering gift ideas from friends and family; especially the type of people who are really difficult to buy for. You would never have to struggle with last minute presents ever again!

Or say you are getting married and you want to send out a gift wish list to wedding guests. Problem solved with Pinterest.


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