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How Stores Lure You to Buy More Than Needed

Updated on August 6, 2009

Why do clothes look better on display than once worn?

The Power of Attraction

Did you ever head towards a store with the idea of buying only one thing and ending up buying a whole bag of stuff? You may not notice it, but the way your mass merchandise store is set up, is to mainly lure you to buy stuff. Everything in the store is not casual, rather fruit of the strategic planning of smart investors and marketers. From the light, music, merchandise displays and colors, the whole ambiance is a big party for your eyes and senses inviting you to fill up the cart. Following are some well known, and some not so well known, tricks of the trade.

-Hidden Bargains

For instance, not many people notice that grocery stores tend to place the most expensive items at eye level while the cheaper products are often placed at the very bottom or the very top, where most people tend to not look. This is a great strategy and explains why often people are unable to find some of their favorite affordable products.

-Mandatory Paths

Milk and bread which are essentials in most homes are often placed last so that you are forced to walk in the valley of ''temptation''. If you are weak enough, chances are you will end up with more than just bread and milk. Notice as well how the restrooms are often right at the end of the store. Hint, hint!

-Ful''filling'' Carts

Shopping carts and baskets have become larger and larger nowadays. They are simply begging you to fill them up! Many people fall to this, often feeling like they must be missing something, if their cart is lousy empty. We are at times where a cart full of food often is a symbol or status and wellbeing.

-Luscious Smells

Some expensive boutiques may resort to perfume to lure you into their stores. Usually, the scent is sweet to put you into a relaxed,compliant mood. You may not notice it, but often the smell may have been what attracted you in the store in the first place.

-Amazing Models

That plastic model may really fill up well that sexy black dress you are dying to purchase, but then once home, you may notice that it really does not look great on you as you hoped. Plastic models more often than not, are sized as super models, with big breasts, tiny waistlines and curvy silhouettes. Don't fall for it! Try the dress in the fitting room, but remember that even the subdue lights of fitting rooms may be part of the plan!

-Convincing Salespeople

That sales man or sales girl will do what it takes to lure you into buying some merchandise especially when they are paid on commission. They will tell you how good you look in that dress or how that car matches your personality and sooner than later you end up leaving with a lighter wallet.

-Subliminal Advertisements

The luring power of getting you to buy stuff may even follow you at home as you watch your favorite tv show or relax in front of a magazine. Foods look incredibly tasty, cars look amazingly shiny and models look superb in all these ads. Ever wondered if they work? Absolutely, just think why businesses are willing to pay so much for a few seconds of air during the Super-Bowl game. The attention of millions of people each year yield amazing sales in their products.

As seen, there are many ways businesses are attempting to lure you into purchasing their products. Knowledge is ultimately power, and now that you are aware of some of the strategies, perhaps'' you will no longer buy it''. Pun intended!

Feeling tempted to buy? Models surely fill these up!

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