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How To Make $608 A Day In Your Own Online Business

Updated on July 17, 2017

So why $608? I can’t completely remember. This was a goal I had, once upon a time, when I decided that I was going to grow a highly successful online business. And this is how you can get there.

1. Decide

The first part of doing anything is setting a goal and make the decision that it is a done deal. Decide that no matter what you know or do not know, this goal is done. Let there be a solid, unwavering commitment to make your goal happen, whatever the goal is for you. Now, when I set money goals like this, they are usually associated with something. I am not motivated by money so just talking money alone is not enough to make me excited. It is what the money gives me that makes all the difference and that may be the case for you too.

So before deciding on a sum of money that you want, take a moment or two to write out what you want to have, what the money is needed for. Maybe you want to travel somewhere or you need to replace your laptop or you want to take the pet to the Vet or there are some expenses coming up that you want to be prepared for. Write it all down and do not filter it because you think it is all too much. Dare to ask for what you really want, not some unexciting half goal. You want to write these goals down and get really excited as you imagine yourself having it all.

Put a monetary sum by each item on your list and then add it up. I sometimes do a weekly list of things I want and then divide the sum by 7 to come up with the daily sum that I decide to create. Ultimately, do whatever you need to do to come up with a daily sum.

Then write it down in your journal as a done deal. I now make at least x amount every single day in my online business while being me. I like to make sure I add that last bit “while being me” to the mix because I do not want to have to make money doing anything I hate to do. So I make it very clear to the universe that this is non-negotiable - I will be unapologetically me while making money.

2. Intuition

Now that you have decided it is a done deal that you will be making x amount of money every single day, your next task is to choose to be open all the time to intuitive nudges. You have made your demand clear so now you will be guided to get it. I know this may seem a bit too woo-woo to many but everyone has intuition though most people have learnt to switch it off.

We live in a world where the logical is elevated and the creative/intuitive is diminished. And yet, all successful people know that a lot of their success comes form following their gut. The thing to do to reach a goal may not seem to make all that much sense from a logical perspective and yet, sometimes you simply know to do things a certain way and against all the seeming odds, it works! And then, all the naysayers are asking you how you did it.

Follow your intuition. Learn how to hear it again if you have offended it by ignoring it for years - most people have. You are no longer out people - you have set a goal and DECIDED that it is done deal. That already sets you apart from the masses.

A question I love to ask myself when looking for guidance on the next step is “What is the best thing I can do next to reach my goal?” Sometimes, I put a time on it “What is the best thing I can do in the next 5 minutes to reach my goal?” and then I act fast.

Sometimes, the thing to do is go learn how to do something or work with someone to get support to reach your goal, or write that blog post and post it on every platform or take a nap because you have been stressing out and forgetting that it is a done deal and so you need not worry.

Act fast on whatever bubbles up inside of you when you ask the question - you will be surprised to see just how wise you can be when you tap into your intuition/Spirit/higher power/ God!

Which of these points do you need to apply?

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3. Ruthless Elimination

To get where you want to go, there is no room for indulging naysayers or negative thoughts - These things must be dealt with and ruthlessly eliminated. Yes, I do mean that. You can no longer afford to accommodate this stuff.

Firstly, I would to go around telling everyone about your goal anyway as the chances are that though most will mean well, they simply do not like the fact that you are now awake while they are still sleep walking through life. they will wonder out loud whether this goal is too much and kindly wonder if you are working too hard and ask if you are likely to burn out with all this extra activity.

And on a tired day, you will feel tempted to listen to these people because you know that they love you. And yet, the question to always ask yourself is “Has this person done what I want to do?"

And if the answer is “NO!’ then why on earth are you listening to them? RUTHLESS ELIMINATION! if just for season. And for those people that you cannot eliminate because they live with you, simply stop talking about your goal with them.

In terms of your thoughts, you are going to have to very deliberately and ruthlessly replace them with thoughts that help rather than hinder. You have years of experience thinking negatively, thinking according to the circumstances you can see all around you and now you are going to have to get deliberate. What do you want to create? Are your thoughts helping or hindering? Replace, replace, replace!
Whip out that journal again and write down some ideas that you would rather think about.

I am EXACTLY the person to create at least x amount of money - it is just the norm to me I am a super - rich online business owner... I am highly sought after and my products/services sell every day giving me an income of x amount every single day I know that the more people I serve each day, the more money I make and so I choose to daily seek out new people to serve and I am EXACTLY the person to help my people. They are attracted to me as I put myself out into the marketplace Building a business is easy because I simply do more of what i love

These kinds of thoughts will help you stay on track so write them out and repeat them to yourself until you have crowded out the negativity that threatens your DECISION.

4. Relentless Action

And yes, the thing you have been waiting for but which actually is the smallest part of the equation because if you do not do the things above, particularly the first point, you will struggle to be relentless in the action that you take.

For an online business, the base line activities you must be undertaking every single day, regardless of feelings, time of the month or any other reason that comes up for you...

  1. Communication

    Tell people who you are, how you can serve them, why they need it and why they need it from you. Educate, inspire, entertain with your words. Blogs, articles, videos, livestreams, emails, quote graphics, short social media text updates, webinars, tele seminars and so on, are the vehicles to get the word out that you exist.

    And then deliberately share them in many, many places all over the web, wherever you think your people are likely to be.
  2. Capture

    Now that you have gone out to find your ideal prospects and you have got their attention, invite them back to your place. Invite them to your Facebook page or wherever your platform of choice, is. And then take it one step further, give away something for free in exchange for their contact details. Hardly anyone will be ready to buy from you immediately so this is one way to follow up.
  3. Close

    Everyday, offer something for sale. Too many online entrepreneurs are doing all the communication but then shirk from their responsibility to truly serve someone by helping prospects to make the decision to buy something that has the potential to change a life. And I don’t care what your product/service/music/book/art is, it can change things for someone so I feel we have a responsibility to put our thing out there boldly and frequently.

    Send emails to your growing mailing list

    Put posts explaining your thing on your social media platforms

    Do videos explaining it as well

    Do whatever you can to offer a product DAILY! Numerous times a day!

    Do not hold back.

    And then as mentioned earlier, continually tap into your intuition to come up with the best thing to do next to keep growing that warm audience of people and also to keep making sales until you reach your x amount each month and by then, you will probably have elevated the goal.

And there you have it. A 4 step plan to your $608 a day online business.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to


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