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How To Authenticate Your New Iraqi Dinar

Updated on December 3, 2014

Is Your Dinar Real?

In this hub we'll be talking about how to authenticate your New Iraqi Dinar. Sure some Dinar Dealers offer a certificate of Authenticity but wouldn't you rather know 100% for yourself that your Dinars are authentic?

After all taking the word of a dealer would be like buying a used car and not having an unbiased third party mechanic check it out but taking the click used car dealers word for it. Same with Dinar check it out for yourself don't take your dealers word for it.

It's actually quite simple authenticating your New Iraqi Dinar and were about to tell you how. First off the quickest, easiest and most obvious way is to hold your Iraqi Dinar under a black light. The Iraqi Dinar has special ink which will glow under a black light. This is just one feature but is a quick reliable way verify the authenticity of your New Iraqi Dinar.

The Iraqi Dinar also has a number of other security features that make it easy to detect counterfit notes. The Iraqi Dinar is actually one of the three most secure currencies in the world.

The horses head watermark is another security feature that's quick and easy to check. Just look at the left side of the bill under a strong light and you should see the watermark of a horses head similar to how US bills often show a watermark of President's heads. You can view the chart for more security features to check.

It's quite quick and easy to verify the authenticity of your Iraqi Dinar yourself so don't take someone else's word for it, check it out for yourself.

New Iraqi Dinar 25,000 Note
New Iraqi Dinar 25,000 Note


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    • rulesforrebels profile image

      rulesforrebels 4 years ago

      Counterfit Dinar really isn't a big issue

    • jgetsmoneyy profile image

      jgetsmoneyy 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Yes, it is really easy to verfiy your Dinar for yourself. I normally just do the black light test.

    • getdong profile image

      BuyIQD 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      We have a chart that shows some of the security features you can check if you are wanting to verify the authenticity of your dinar.