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How To Become An Independent Women 101?

Updated on December 17, 2014
This is my daughter hugging her little cousin. I've been teaching her at a very young age how to become an independent women.
This is my daughter hugging her little cousin. I've been teaching her at a very young age how to become an independent women. | Source

How To Become An Independent Women 101: By Changing Your Status From Dependences To Independences

My plan here is to tell you and also show you that true independence comes from within when you say to yourself that enough is enough and you make that sudden changes to move from dependences to independences. That's when you become an independent women and step out of the shell of the dependences of others. I want this article to shine some light on what a independent women should fight for. I hope you agree with me on some of the subjects we will be discussing here, but if not- I totally understand.

Shining a spotlight on these topics:

  • Jobs or Careers
  • Money
  • Relationships

Whatever talents or skills you have just use it?
Whatever talents or skills you have just use it? | Source

Are You An Independent Women or Do Know A Women Like This?

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Independent Women 101: Showcasing Your Talents & Skills At Work, Career and Business

Everyone women on this planet has one of the two things either they have talent or skill and in some cases they might have both. Women are taught to do a job and do it at the best of their abilities or capabilities.

With that being said: If you love your job or career but can't find room for growth then I think it's a sign for you to learn a new skill and search for a better opportunity elsewhere. Be motivated to learn something different or new to help you share your talents or skills better. Nevertheless you could always start-up a small business and implement your gifts and present them to the world so the consumers can unwrapped your product or products that you have created.

What an independent women should fight for tip: Be resourceful and create something everyone needs and desires to have. Find your creative touch and build a niche out of it.

Prepare yourself
Prepare yourself | Source

Smart-Money Management Women 101: Investing In Yourself So Your Future Will Have A Better Outlook

It has been spoken or written time and time again on the news or online that Women live longer than Men do. As we all know that is the living true but they also say that Women aren't taking full-advantage on learning how to invest in themselves because the fear of failing.

I don't think that's the case it's not the lack of studying or searching for an opportunity to come their way. It's the lack of money that the women are earning from jobs or careers that have them stagnant and remain trap. Most women are smart money managers because they know how to stretch a dollar far better than one thinks.

It's rare to say: However, I feel the need to say to this for those women who need to hear it. It's not meant to hurt your feelings it's written to purely help you recognize the facts that are sitting right in front of you. If you don't have a no clue on how to budget or manage your money than you're the ones, I need to talk too.

Listen up my dear friend, I want you to empower yourself and build a better outlook for your future. It's time for you to buckle down and set a budget, save, and invest your money before it's to late. Be compelled to make those necessary adjustment and understand that your money should be working for you not the other way around.

What an independent women should fight for tip: Educate yourself on where to invest your money whether it be in stocks, bonds, etf, mutual funds, or real-estate. Open up a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401k, 403b, or whatever instruments makes your money work hard for you. Learn how to build passive income streams by writing, selling, singing, or inventing. Take full control of your own financial health.

Do you train this child how to become independent woment?
Do you train this child how to become independent woment? | Source

A Word Of Advice: From Women-To-Women

It's just a word of advice you could take it or leave it. If you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter teach them how to rely on themselves. It's very important that they know that the women who is giving them this advice is not preaching to them but is teaching them by their own examples.

Dependent Vs. Independent Women 101: Relationships And Certain Issues

I'd like to share a tale of the two scenarios by using a fictitious women's names. I don't know them personal. I'm just using them for an example only.

Miranda is twenty something and still lives at home with Mom & Dad. She goes to college but doesn't have a job and relies on her parents to buy her all her personal things and to put icing on the cake; this young women doesn't know how to cook or clean for herself. She was never taught how to balance house chores, school, and work. Eventually, she finds a boyfriend and expects him to take care of her like her parents did. Is this Miranda's fault that she never learned how to become an Independent women. You be the judge of that scenario.

Lexus is thirty something and is married with two children and they have a small dog. She works at a law firm as a paralegal and her husband is a construction worker. Lexus's parents never taught her how to be an independent women either but she learned on her own by trial and error. She doesn't rely on her husband either to help her pay the bills or household items because she got burned to many times by her college roommates. Is Lexus too independent and needs to rely on her husband to help from time-to-time. You be the judge of that scenario.

What an independent women should fight for tip: Every women goes through their own issues when it comes to relationships but also every women should be self-efficent and do for herself. Relying on others sometimes doesn't work it just puts a huge burden on the other person life.

A Short Recap: What An Independent Women Should Fight For?

Career Movement
Growth & Improvement
Create something everyone could gravitate too
Learning a new path can be difficult be sometimes it's necessary

Please Feel Free To Share Your Input And Hopefully This Hub Was Useful

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    • Venus Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisy Rivera 

      3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank you for understanding my point of view. Your input is very important too me- thanks once again for sharing your thoughts.

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 

      3 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      You are right Venus-independence is important for men and women albeit for different reasons. All the same if one is too independent it is a hard bed to lie on for oneself and frustrating for family relationships. I have learned that from experience

    • Venus Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisy Rivera 

      3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I totally agree that a boy and girl should know how to be independent. That's why I teach both of my sons and daughter to work for themselves and don't depend on anyone else to provide for them. I don't want them to put any type of burden on their significant others when ever they decide to get married. They need to know how to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves. Most young ladies that I know depend on their boyfriends to buy or give them everything and that's not cool. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your input.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is great advice. Every girl needs to learn how to provide for herself independently, as surely one day, she will have to do so. I also believe that every boy needs to learn how to take care of a household. Both of these skills are necessary for independent living, no matter who we are. When we know how to work, and can provide for ourselves, we make much smarter decisions and our families benefit.

    • Venus Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisy Rivera 

      3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      You're welcome- Kate. The purpose of the whole hub was tell women that they have the ability to become an independent women. I want to address the everyday issues like jobs, careers, business, money, and relationships. Women need to empower themselves and don't be afraid to move from one category into the other. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your invaluable comment.

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 

      3 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      Thanks for sharing this common sense hub Venus. Independence is important for one's self-respect and can be balanced alongside family commitments. I am learning how to adjust this balance by keeping something back for myself rather than trying to prop everybody else up-that was indeed a burden. Independence protects one from that burden and everybody is better off in the long run.



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