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How To Buy A Website

Updated on February 15, 2018

Buying a website can be a daunting task especially if you have never done so before. Buying a website can give you an immediate presence on the web as well as a potentially immediate income stream. You also may not have to go through the Google sandbox and other barriers start up websites have to face.

Before you purchase a site you will want to decide what type of website you want to own. There are many different options to choose from anywhere from gaming, blogs, online auctions and many other types. Pick one in an area you know well and enjoy.

Find websites for sale that are in your chosen category. There are marketplaces such as Flippa that specialize in selling websites. You can also find websites for sale at Sedo or even Ebay.

When you have found a potential website to purchase research the website and verify all information the seller gives. Check the Alexa Rating and research on, Check back links using a back link checker tool, use copy scape to check for copies, Also do a Google search for the website domain and see what is on the web about that website. Make sure to research your potential website very well and verify all information you can.

When you purchase your website be sure the seller is not a fraud and check references and feedback. Be wary of new sellers selling high ticket websites. If you are making a large purchase it would be wise to use an escrow service to make your purchase. Smaller purchases may be better done using Paypal or other online payment processors that offer fraud protection.

Always ask the seller a lot of questions and if there are discrepancies between what the seller says and what they advertise be careful. 


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