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Updated on February 10, 2015

Uber Is A Private Company....At Least Right Now

Uber is trying to totally disrupt the taxicab business. So far, it is doing well in certain American cities and other cities around the world. It gets a lot of media attention and has had a lot of controversy about its services but that hasn't stopped it from gaining popularity.

Right now, Uber is a private company that gets its funding from wealthy investors and institutions and so far, it has amassed more than $4 billion from these sources. At this juncture, it doesn't need to go public but sometime in the next couple of years, the chances are it will.

An Über IPO in 2015 or 2016?

If and when Uber decides to go public, you will probably hear a lot about it in the news. That high publicity will get investors excited and ramp up the level of interest in the stock. I predict that when the stock does have an IPO, it will be one of the biggest and most hyped of the year, whatever that year is.

As an Average Joe investor, you will only be able to buy shares in Uber once the stock opens for general trading on the exchange it chooses. It may choose the New York Stock Exchange but will most likely choose the Nasdaq.

Investing In Uber

You may read a lot of things online but don't be fooled. Since Uber is a private company, there is NO WAY to invest in it if you are a regular investor. There just isn't. At this time the investors are all big venture capitalists like you see in the picture to the right. You don't see any individual investors on that list because you have have the really big bucks to get in.

So, for investors like you and I, we just have to patiently wait to buy Uber stock until the company decides to go public. And it will, eventually because all those listed early investors will want to make money and the big payday for them will come at IPO time. It might happen in 2015 or later but you can bet that sometime down the road, you will start hearing about an announced Uber IPO.

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This Is What Uber Does


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