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How To Correctly Complete Rebate Forms

Updated on April 11, 2009

Product rebate forms for money back on products are a common way consumers can save money on the grocery products and foods they buy. Most commonly money back rebates are still used for office and electronic purchases, but you will still find many grocery rebates and food rebates for new products especially the Try Me Free rebates.

A Rebate, is money paid by the manufacture or store where the product was purchased and given directly to the consumer usually after the purchase has been made. Some stores and manufactures offer instant rebates, which are more like coupons as far as the consumer is concerened. The more common rebate that is given back to the consumer in the form of a check sent in the mail after proof of purchase has been provided. A Try Me Free Rebate for instance is a way to get the consumer to try out a product.

Where To Find Rebate Forms

wondering how to find rebate forms? Generally manufactures will place rebate forms near the product on display. This is especially true in grocery stores for food rebates and household rebates. Rebate forms can also be found

  • In sunday coupon inserts
  • On company websites to print
  • Coupon sites
  • Shared links in coupon forums
  • In store ads
  • On Ebay

Search Google using specific keywords to find current rebates being promoted by companies on their websites: Try Me Free Rebate, Rebate, Rebate forms, Rebate offers.. Or use search terms that are a little less obscure, but likely to lead you to postive results such as: send in proof of purchase, mail UPC to,

If there is a specific rebate form you are looking for but can not find it, check out coupon message boards and coupon forums. There are many that allow members to trade coupons and rebate forms as well as UPCs. You may be able to find the form you need and trade it with just a stamp.

rebate form
rebate form

Rebate Tips

  • Make sure that your purchase date and the date you are mailing the rebate are within the guidelines specified on the rebate form. If you are outside the time frame even a day, your rebate can be disqualified.
  • Use a ball point pen in dark ink
  • Write legibally. If the person processing the rebate can't read your handwriting, they won't know where to send the rebate
  • Read directions completely before starting. Gather everything you need to send for redemption. Usually this is the rebate form, the receipt(s), and the UPC.
  • Fill out the rebate completely. If there are lines that you do not have information to provide, write in N/A
  • Carefully cut UPC(where required) so that all numbers are visible.
  • If it is requested, circle the product on the receipt.
  • Write the address to send the rebate into as clearly as possible and write it out completely.

Copies Copies Copies

Take copies of everything before sending in. If a rebate gets lost in the mail or during processing, this is your proof that you made the purchase. To ensure that the rebate company can not claim you didn't send it in, get a return reciept from the post office.

Return reciept may be an unneccesary expense for small rebates under $10, but for larger rebates especially those for computer and electronic equipment it is very important to have proof that you made the purchase and sent in the rebate on time. Don't risk losing out on a $50 or $100 rebate!


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