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How To DIY - How and Why To Do It Yourself

Updated on January 21, 2015

The letters DIY are an abbreviation

for do-it-yourself. Most of you already know that, but there's someone out there who didn't and now they do. Doing it yourself has become a lot more common in the age of information, especially with the instructions to do just about anything being a few mouse clicks away. The possibilities are almost endless. Do you want to change your own oil and don't know how? There's a video for that. Do you want to learn to play pool like a professional? There's a ton of videos, tutorials, and articles on the subject. How about building your own home? Yep, there's even a ton of information online that will guide you through almost any challenge you might face building yourself a brand new home. Basically, if you want to get something done that you have no clue about, there's either a video or an article online just for you.

A well painted room

There are so many places to go for DIY projects

that I couldn't begin to list them all. I will, however, give you a run down on some of the most popular. These sites cover how to do just about anything you can think of. Each one of them has a slightly different format, but they all have a ton of information on how to do it yourself.

The first one I'll go over is Pinterest. It has become wildly popular in recent years. You can find literally millions of images and articles with how to instructions on Pinterest, covering an unlimited amount of topics.

Or, if you're more a fan of videos, there are tons of how to videos with examples and directions on Youtube. The mega site has one of the largest video collections on earth, and a number of them are dedicated to this subject. There's even a They cater more toward kid's learning skills and "being awesome". Moving on, there's also Their site is full of wonderful videos on home improvement. They have an extensive list of home repairs and improvements on the site, and you can watch them for free.

Reddit also has a long list of how to segments on their site, covering topics ranging from home brewing to living room renovations. The difference with Reddit is that their material is uploaded by it's users, not from the staff at the website. That means there isn't exactly a status quo or certain theme to the information. It's all straight from the people on the site.


Perfect room for a Do it yourself project


Do you DIY?

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The importance of learning to Do-It-Yourself

can not be overstated. Far too many of us are going through life inside of our comfort zones, not making any real progress in life. With the amount of information available today, you could likely build a rocket that would fly to the moon with the right amount of time and money. Don't get me wrong, I don't suggest you start changing the parts on your car's engine if you have no prior experience. That could lead to a tragedy. This is all relative to what you are personally capable of. However, if you are dedicated to learning how to do something, there's no reason you can't. The wealth of information on the internet can empower you with the knowledge you need to get the job done in almost any situation.

"But, it's easier to get someone else to do it." It most certainly is. But, that's not helping you grow any as a person. Facing and overcoming challenges is one of the best and most frequent attributes that I see amongst successful people. If you are looking to achieve your all in life, that is where it starts. If it's not natural to you, that's ok. You'll have work at it, and that's exactly what you do when you want to succeed at something that you are not already familiar with. Start small and build on your successes. Using this process, almost anything is possible.

Pro Tips on Painting a House

DIY projects are particularly attractive

for people selling their home. Most times, home owners want to get the best price that they can for their home when they sell it, so they start looking into ways that they can improve their profits. The margins look really good when you are just looking at the cost of the materials. Due to that fact, there are several home improvements you find repeated time and again, and I just happen to have a list of the most popular of them. The following list is based on reporting from

  1. Exterior Painting
  2. Update Kitchen and Bath
  3. Paint Interior Walls
  4. Repair Floors
  5. Shampoo or Replace Carpets
  6. Staging
  7. Landscaping
  8. Repair Electrical and Plumbing
  9. Lighten and Brighten
  10. Clean and Declutter

If you decide on doing a Do-It-Yourself project

please use your good sense. I encourage growth, but don't want to see you lose a finger in the process. Be sure to follow all safety protocol for your chosen project, and err on the side of caution. Some things are best left to the professionals. If you can't hold your hand still, I wouldn't recommend attempting to paint your home. If you aren't handy, I would probably skip trying to work on your car. The last thing I want to come of this article is someone getting hurt doing something stupid. Some of the projects on the list above are truly dangerous when not taken seriously. Be certain you know what you are doing prior to attempting them.

© 2015 Robert Clinton


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