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How To Earn Money Online With Google Without Investment 2015-2016

Updated on November 23, 2015
Google | Source

Google is present Internet world for a long time. Few years ago, Google has started its program of showing advertisement on the internet. Through its AdSense program, Google is providing an opportunity to you so you can earn money. Google calls it Google Adsense program. Here you will learn that how to earn money online with google without investment.

Most people in the world have a Google Adsense account, but there are very few people who realize the potential of Google AdSense and earn money.There are many people who are earning a decent income from Google Adsense.

We also have Adsense account then why we are not earning this much. In this hub, the author will try to gauge the situation and provide the valuable tips based on research that will increase your earning from Adsense.To use your account and increase your earning through it, you have to follow some procedures.

Google | Source

Earn Money Online With Google Without Investment

1.Make website focused on your expert field-Make a website in any field you are expert, like crafting, cooking or programming. Try to make the site content rich. If you have more content, then it will be easy for Google to place relevant ads.The main purpose is that website should focus on one subject.

2.Use Your Adsense In Unique Way-Many researcher have found that some keywords have higher per click amount. These keywords are from finance, economy and business field. So if you are an expert in these fields, then you are in better position to earn a lot of money from Google.

3.When you get AdSense account, use it in google Adsense sharing sites.Currently, there is only two article writing sites first is hubpages and other is India study channel.All sites have closed.

4. Content is the key-Remember that the content is the king. It is the content that attracts users and increases traffic. So make your content attractive and interesting. It will automatically bring your site in picture.

5.Apply SEO expertise in every page-Every page of your website is important. Therefore make it SEO friendly. It means to choose keyword title carefully and stuff your keyword in your content. Keep titles and subtitles in bold, that will help Google to place your content in Goggle search.

6.Marketing is important-Making website or blog is not enough. Equally important is the marketing of your website with the help of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter. Sending an email of your website to your friend is a good way to increase your site rank in Google.

7. Another way to promote your site is to make a video of your website and upload it in YouTube. Google likes YouTube very much and it will certainly increase your presence in the web.

8.Place few and relevant ads-Placing the content at the relevant place is also important. It should not be the case that you place ads in your site with only little content.By this, one will see that your site is only full of ads, so it looks like a ad site.

Search-Engine-Google | Source

9.Beware with web hosting sites-Don’t make a website with some host like Weebly and others etc. It is common practice to make the website in hosting sites and these sites in the future can stop their function. Thus, you will lose your all hard work and earning. Therefore buy a domain name and upload your site in that domain.

10.Use IDE for making a website- For making the site,, you can take the help Dreamweaver IDE. It is software from abode that helps you to make a website very easily.

11. For website or blogs, WordPress is quite good, as it provides many tools and plugins that increase the overall look of the blog.Wordpress has website and blog theme that you can buy.

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12. Keep on updating your blog daily. Daily updated website and blogs are easily come in Google crawler view and get higher rank in Google search.

In A Nutshell

Getting rich through Adsense is not child’s play. If you want to earn thousands of dollars monthly, then it wants hard work from your side. When you read success stories in the web, you at once feel attracted to it. However, you don't know the person has achieved the success with hard work.


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