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Top Cashback Deals - How To Get Discounts When Shopping Online In The UK

Updated on August 27, 2012

Almost all of us use online stores to do some kind of shopping these days. Shopping on the internet allows us to browse lots of different options to come up with the cheapest or best one for us. But did you know that even once you have found the best deal you can still get further discounts on it a lot of the time, in the form of cashback on your purchases? If you get cash back on everything you spend online then this can seen add up to a nice little pile of savings money that maybe you can use for Christmas shopping or for a holiday fund.

If you shop through the cashback sites you can end up with a wad of cash for your Christmas shopping!
If you shop through the cashback sites you can end up with a wad of cash for your Christmas shopping!

How To Get Cash Back

Basically what you need to do is to join a cash back site. These sites get money from the retailers that they promote by receiving commissions from them on shoppers that they send through to their websites. They then pass on a certain amount of that commission to you the shopper and this accrues in your account until it gets to a set level that you can withdraw.

The cashback that you can earn from these sites varies depending on the kind of transaction that you do and the kind of product that you buy, but some online retailers offer as much as 10% cashback. 

There are a number of cashback sites out there that you can join and they all offer different levels of savings from different retailers. You can easily join more than one of them if one offers better rates than another. Just make sure that each time you do some online shopping you go through the cashback site so that the transaction is recorded properly and you get your money back.

The sites use cookies to track the transactions to the other thing you must make sure you do is to have cookies enabled in your browser. If you do not have cookies enabled then you will not get your cash back! 

Where Can I Get The Cashback?

Well, as I say, there are a number of sites that offer cashback on your purchases but look for ones that have the best deals, and these are usually the biggest ones. The best one that I have found is TopCashBack. You can earn money on shopping transactions from many of the biggest retailers online including Marks & Spencer, eBay, Debenhams, Opodo, Argos, Comet,, as well as lots more opportunities to earn money from places like Weight Watchers, Vodafone, Sky TV etc. So before you buy anything, sign up with one of these sites and you can easily save on almost everything you buy online!

Ways of Getting Great Cashback

There are some ways to get really good cashback, for example if you are looking for a new mobile phone contract. Looking at some current cashback offers on Top Cash Back (and these offers change all the time) you can get over £120 cashback on a SIM only contract with Vodafone.

Also, are you looking to change your tv, internet or broadband package? Even if you are an existing customer upgrading you can still get cashback. For example you can get over £50 cashback from upgrading to Sky calls and broadband if you already have their TV box.

There are also cashback deals on car insurance which can give you as much as £80 in cashback.

So really you need to join one of these sites and make sure you make all of your online purchases through it - particularly if you are making a lot of purchases for Christmas you could end up with a nice lump sum.

The figures quoted here are from the TopCashBack site and are obviously subject to change but this is one of the most generous sites out there so make sure you use it!


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      I have just changed my phone and broadband provider to Sky and that should get me £50.50 in cashback :-)

    • profile image

      Sandy 6 years ago

      Shopping through cash back portals like Ebates, Bing, AAfter Search and FatWallet is a great option for saving while spending.