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How To Find Grocery Rebate Forms

Updated on October 25, 2010

If you are interested in how to find grocery rebate forms and save money, you are not alone. Rebate forms are a great sought out item in the couponing / frugal living community. Rebate forms are an excellent way to save money on products you were going to buy anyways. The beauty of rebate forms is that they can be used in conjunction with coupons. Using a coupon when purchasing, and then sending in a rebate can create a savings that can make items free or nearly free.

The trick to how to find grocery rebate forms is keeping your eyes open and using your research abilities to seek out the available rebate forms and getting your hands on them.Whether you are searching in store, in print ads, or online, don't forget to grab or print a couple extra to share or trade with friends.

Finding Rebate Forms In Stores

Grocery stores are often your best source for rebate forms. You can find rebate forms generally next to products in all areas of the grocery store including the meat and produce departments. keep your eyes open for hang tags on store shelves and on the products themselves.

Many times a rebate will be available on new items that are being promoted on end caps. If the rebate is for an item that you use but are not planning to purchase today, pick it up anyways and use it later. Just remember to read the rules and purchase the item in the required time.

Searching For Rebate Forms

Google can be your greatest friend when searching to mail or print grocery rebate forms. Many companies list their available rebates on their websites and google can help you locate them. Here are some search terms that can help you narrow down available rebate forms.

The Obvious

  • Print rebate form
  • rebate form
  • printable rebate form
  • free after rebate
  • try me free
  • free rebate
  • rebate claim form

The less obvious. Use the keyword rebate or rebate form and ad the following

  • "must be postmarked no later than"
  • "check the status of your rebate"
  • " terms and conditions"
  • "rules and regulations"

How To Find Rebate Forms In Newspapers and magazines

Coupon inserts are always a great source to find grocery rebates but there are other places in your newspaper that may have them available. Sometimes they are listed in stores ads. The weekly magazine within the newspaper will sometimes also have rebate forms.

Magazines are also a source of rebate forms, especially magazines that focus on home and womens topics.

Finding Rebate Forms On Ebay

Many times when people find a source of rebate forms, they grab many of them and turn around and sell them on Ebay. Not only can this be a great way for you to find rebate forms but you can turn around and sell some of the ones you find, yourself. Pay attention to terms of the rebate. Nothing worse then ordering rebate forms only to have them expire before you can use them.

Printable Rebate Forms On Websites

Many times company websites will have coupons and rebate forms that you can print directly off their website. If one is available for print and you do not have a printer look for a phone number and ask their customer service if they can send you one.

If you know that there is a rebate available for a product you use regularly or would like to try, call customer service and ask if they can send it to you. Many times rebate forms are distributed to specific demographic locations, but customer service may still be able to send you a form for you to use regardless of your location.


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