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How To Fund Your Year Out AND build a residual income!

Updated on January 20, 2011

Why take a year out?

If you have been thinking about taking a year out and are interested in how this could build you a residual income then its worth taking five minutes to read this article. Using just a few hours a week you could create a residual income that could make that year out ambition a reality. Alternatively it could give a real purpose to your year out and help you plan for your future ambitions. Firstly lets explore why you are taking a year out and how building a residual income will be important.

Why are you wanting a year out? The most common reasons are related to stress or a desire to travel and see some of the world before starting a job or at university. Sometimes it is through a desire to volunteer and give something to those less fortunate. Whatever your reason, there is no doubt you will need to fund that year out. Even volunteering can be expensive if you have to rely on savings to pay the bills at home.

Well what if a part of your year out and its preparation could easily involve building a residual income that not only helps pay for your year out, but enables you to reduce the stress of returning to work or starting university? A financial legacy that will mean as much to you if not more than memories and photos.

Oh and in case you were planning on a purely altruistic year out, what would make a better gift than regular donations to the charity of your choice for the foreseeable future? Why not build that residual income for someone else?

Build a residual income to fund your year out
Build a residual income to fund your year out

Where do I start?

 OK first up you need to have patience in abundance. This isn't a get rich quick scam, its a genuine way to improve your financial prospects but it does involve some hard work and a lot of patience.

To create your residual income and the funding for your year out you are going to need to be able to type and enjoy researching and writing your own articles. Take a look at this article, not the words but the structure. Can you see the adverts placed around the text? Well whenever a reader is distracted by them enough to give them a click, then the author of the ad (thats me!) gets paid a small amount...If you scroll down a bit further you'll see some amazon books that ive chosen that readers may be interested in. Well if you or any of my readers decide to follow those links and make a purchase, again I will make a small amount of money.

Now before you go copying this page and booking that dream holiday, this page on its own may only ever make me a few dollars each month. nothing much to get excited about is it? However it only took an hour of my time to write and I write at least one every day. Now you can hopefully see the potential?

Is it really that easy to fund my year out?

What if you wrote an article (known as hubs) every other day for the year leading up to your year out? Lets be clear, that would involve just finding three to four hours a week to devote to your dreams. Well after a year of preparation you'd have around 180 articles all contributing to your residual income. That sounds pretty good to me, and I can assure you that 180 articles would bring a residual income worth talking about.

Now lets imagine you then took your year out. You experienced a wealth of new opportunities, visited new places and met new people. Maybe you could write another article or two every week inspired by your year out experiences. At the end of your year out, you may well have over 300 articles all potentially adding several dollars a month each to your residual income...Wow...!

Even if you are travelling the world, I'm willing to bet you will spend some time in Internet cafes each week. Would it really be that big an inconvenience to pay for another hour and produce an article given the rewards? I doubt it!

Im convinced! What now?

 Well my suggestion would be that you dont hesitate in signing up to Hubpages. Its completely free and once a member you can have a crack at publishing your first ever article. Give it a try now. Even if you only ever write one, check back in a few weeks and you may be surprised at how many people have read it!

Join Hubpages Today!


Oh and if you still need convincing then have a look at the HubPage success stories and see how other people achieved their year out dreams AND built a residual income!



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    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks Michelle...I think people are too quick too dismiss anything that involves a little work. Without a doubt hubpages can provide a platform for achieving your dreams, including a year out!

    • profile image

      Michelle Tukachinsky 

      7 years ago

      Let me tell you... funding a year out would be great! I am a home business owner.. and 1 week per month would be life changing!! Thanks for your excellent post!


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