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How To Get Paid For Your Hobby

Updated on October 30, 2015

Get Paid To Travel

Post pictures of your favorite places and give details about what you've done, where you went, and what you recommend!
Post pictures of your favorite places and give details about what you've done, where you went, and what you recommend! | Source

Why not get paid for doing something that you love?

It took me a while to finally figure out what my niche was, but I think I've narrowed it down to just blogging about the things I enjoy and what I've learned throughout the years. I am currently a Paramedic, but I don't know that I am going to be one forever. I want to travel and see the world. So with this blog, hopefully it will help both of us figure out different ways to generate income with our hobbies. Like the title says,"Why not get paid for doing something that you love?!"

Paper Star Decoration

I created this and placed it in my Etsy Store!
I created this and placed it in my Etsy Store! | Source

Where to start with your hobby

This module explains general ideas of how to make money with your hobbies.

Create a Website No one knows about your hobby better than you. Why not make a website about what you love to do? It can be a blog about adding things to your car, awesome fishing suggestions, or how you did bowling. You have the power to add affiliate links that are related to your hobby and even sell items! Another thing to invest in is, wordpress for your website.

Youtube If your hobby is fishing or anything you can show others, this is your best friend. You can even share your link through networking sites such as twitter and facebook. There are plenty Youtubers that create tutorials for doing their hair. Oh, and you can put it on your website that you created!

Write There is an abundance of different places to write about your passion. Squidoo is a wonderful place to start. Google uses Blogspot. There is hubpages and so much more. Writing about your hobbies allows viewers to view and learn about your passion.

If you're serious about writing, I would definitely suggest Squidoo to start off with. I have already made a couple dollars and you can view more about it through my bio. Using Squidoo, it allows you to use amazon, ebay, etsy, cafepress, and so much more. I've been making most of it through amazon. Writing is a great way to tell the world things through your eyes and everyone's style is unique. I just recently started blogspot and it seems to be getting views but I do not have adsense connected with it yet.

Etsy Specifically if you have crafts or tutorials you can convert to PDFs. There is a fee of 0.20 cents to list your item, but it'll pay off when customers start noticing your hard work!

Collecting Show off your collection on your website. If you have 2 Darth Vader Helmets and would like to sell one, check out Ebay and Collector's Quest and even Craigslist.

Graphics If you can use a mouse and computer you're golden. Just let your imagination flow. The best places to use your graphics skills are and There are thousands of print on demand compainies on the web, but these two are pretty good.

Read a Book! Gain more knowledge

The best thing to do is read. There is advice all over the internet, but there is just as much in books. In order to turn your hobby in to cash, I suggest you read one of the books below as well. It might save you time in the long run, and there might be something different in their book that I do not offer. I understand these are not for everyone, but I highly suggest scrolling through them. You never know what you will come across.

Making Crafts

Crafting is always fun. New ideas are made and it's great for kids and adults. If crafting is your hobby, the best ways to make money from your hobby is:
*Create your items and sell them on Etsy
*Once your items are created, make tutorial to go with them and if customers like your crafts enough, sell the PDF of how you made the item. Best part about this, is that you don't have to carry any product, you just keep emailing the PDF.
*Teach others how to make your craft
*Use YouTube to teach certain steps about your crafts

The picture of the paper star is a craft I personally made, and I created a tutorial about it Paper Star Decoration. I do get paid for my crafting, it's not much, but it's something. This was put up as an experiment and it worked. The idea is to keep repeating what works and develop new ways to get your information out! My Etsy page will be up and running soon, just not enough time in the day to get out all the information in my head.

If you have anything to add, please comment it in the comment section and you will be recognized!


How is it possible to make money playing games!? It's quite simple. If you have a computer or a game system, play your games like normal. But then what? RECORD IT! I have told my brother countless times to record him playing all of his games. But he doesn't listen. I'm slowly working on it myself. Right now I'm writing about it! Writing about my favorite hobby. My favorite games are League of Legends and Magic the Gathering. Eventually I will create my own videos, but for now, here is a list of how to make money with your gaming hobby.

*YouTube in this case, is your best friend. Record every move you make. Even Magic the Gathering is online.
*Stream live. There are great streaming sites such as and Depending on the amount of views you receive like youtube, you can generate some revenue.
*Write a guide. Have a certain tip for game play? Share it with everyone
*Sell your accounts. Not recommended, but it is possible to make a decent amount. *NOTE: I do NOT recommend this.
*Get paid to test games. I am unsure of how to go about this.
*Tournaments: these are great, you get to meet people who love the same game you do and depending on the tournament, you are competing for money.
*Get crafty. Did you figure out how to draw a certain character? Get paid to teach people how to draw a character with a PDF or use youtube.
*If its a card game, sell your cards or other merchandise that you no longer need.

I get paid just about as much as I do for my crafting hobby. Currently I've gotten as far as writing about the things I love to do most. If you like gaming, tell me what your favorite is and if you have made an income on your favorite hobby. Check out this article I found, maybe it'll help you!

League of Legends

This is a build from my game. My user is Gamergurly. This is under the Fair Use Agreement.
This is a build from my game. My user is Gamergurly. This is under the Fair Use Agreement. | Source

Getting Paid For Music

Just like my other modules, write about it! By now you should get the normal ideas, but if it's something you have created, upload it to itunes and let the world listen to you! List the song for 0.99 cents. Someone will be sure to listen to it. Maybe make a matching music video.People always like different. Or if you have fun making fun of others, get into making parodies. If Weird Al did it, so can you! Create tutorials for the tabs or how to play an instrument or sing! The opportunities are endless. If you decide to create a blog or website, sell instruments or show your progression over time. Another awesome idea is to go to local restaurants and play inside for tips. You were going to do a slow jam in your garage anyway!

I personally get paid by Armin Van Buuren, my favorite Trance artist! Okay, he doesn't actually write my checks, but viewers do like his music and purchase the songs through my lenses!

I just found this other link of what was a hobby, turned into retirement. This is simply an awesome story. Basically, the hobby was deciphering songs and now it's turned into a $15 million dollar business.


There are multiple upon multiple sites to post your photography work. After getting your work out, try putting it on merchandise like Cafepress and Zazzle. Below I will create a list for all the sites to list your hard work and passion.


There are endless possibilities for photographs. The main thing to do is make sure you tag and detail your hard work to get it noticed.

Have Caption Contests

This is my cat. Maybe you have animals full of personality that you'd like to share. Hold a caption contest to get people involved on your blog!
This is my cat. Maybe you have animals full of personality that you'd like to share. Hold a caption contest to get people involved on your blog! | Source

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    • PunkyMedic profile image

      PunkyMedic 4 years ago

      That's awesome! My writing is slowly getting better over time. I always used to hate reading and writing, but it's nice getting rewarded!

    • profile image

      mslenai 4 years ago

      Great blog! Very informative. I've learned a few things that I will put in to good use. I just started out so this helped me out a lot. Thanks.