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How To Get Paid To Take Surveys Online

Updated on November 7, 2009

Is It Really Possible to Earn Money Taking Online Surveys?

The quick answer to this question is a big yes – you can indeed earn money taking online surveys. Hundreds of companies belonging to different industries pour a lot of money into market research and development, thereby investing in the collection of information on the spending behavior of their target consumers. Conducting online surveys is one efficient means of collecting valuable information simply because doing this online provides companies a broader reach to their consumers. The great thing about this is that companies are more than willing to pay their consumers to take part in these surveys, thereby giving their opinions on the different products and services that they sample. And you yourself can be one of the steady takers of these online surveys.

How then can you earn money taking online surveys? First things first. If you want to know how you can amass a lot of money from online surveys, then you need to start with the basics – knowing the 2 kinds of surveys, which are serial surveys and statistical surveys.

Statistical surveys are conducted to determine several aspects concerning a certain product or service, or even a line of products and services. These aspects can include response to policies issued by the government, political polls, health and fitness matters, as well as social activities. A particular segment of the target market population answers the given questions that cater to personal opinion. These questions remain standard, meaning they do not change and are not dependent on the response of the market.

Serial surveys, meanwhile, aim to determine if there are any changes in the opinions of their respondents. The same question is asked over and over again during the survey, to see if there are any opinion changes that occur.

Now that you know the basics, you can then start to earn money taking online surveys. However, one important point to remember here is that there really is no big instant money in the business. Sure, you can amass a fortune but this would take a lot of time. Do not expect to make hundreds of dollars in just a few days because you would only end up disappointed. Do not expect to earn steady income either because this would be dependent on the needs of the companies conducting the surveys. If they have collected enough information to work with, then you would not be receiving any surveys from them soon.

Educate and protect yourself from online scammers as well. There are hundreds lurking all over the web so be wary of these. There really is no chance to earn money taking online surveys if you end up working for a mere scammer.

Knowing More About Internet Paid Surveys

Most people think that free Internet paid surveys is too good to be true. There is no doubt that so many scammers are lurking behind this industry, however, there are also reliable sites that will actually help you gain a steady cash flow apart from your day job.

Internet paid surveys is known by plenty of names online. Some call it internet surveys, online surveys, paid surveys, web surveys, and whatnot. They all mean the same thing though, that you will get paid for answering them and giving out your opinion. Here are some basic tips you need to know about Internet paid surveys and how you can earn a modest income from it.

You might wonder why companies would give you money for answering questions. The basic pattern is that these survey sites are hired by brand name companies as well as product manufacturers to conduct research about their product. By providing your honest feedback about the product, you are essentially helping the company or manufacturer know what improvements they need to make in their offering. It can be with the design, the price, or just the development of the product itself.

Some people who take surveys sometimes do not take it seriously. They are looking forward to finish it quickly without much thought just so they can earn money. However, this can be unfair to the manufacturers who pay to know about the effects, advantages or disadvantages their product has. Hence, when taking surveys, it is always best to just speak your mind and honestly put down what you feel about the product.

Another thing to remember is that some surveys are made for specialists or people who have more than a general knowledge of the product that they are evaluating. If you feel that you cannot sufficiently answer a survey properly because of limited knowledge, then skip the survey. Instead, go for surveys on a product that you are more familiar on. This will help you from wasting your time as well as save the company from unreliable data. A possible way of fixing it would be to just look for companies that offer general paid surveys.

Not all survey sites will offer you cash in exchange for your opinion. Some, in fact, provide credit or points after taking a survey. Do not discount websites like this. Most of them are just making sure that you will be serious when taking their survey. The points or credits that you get are usually easily convertible into cash once it reaches a certain threshold.

Now that you know all these things, go ahead and look for reliable Internet paid surveys and start earning some extra cash for your pocket.

Earn Extra Cash with Paid Surveys at Home

If you are on the lookout for extra income via a second job on the side, then you should definitely consider partaking in paid surveys at home. With the current economic situation that the whole world is facing, it really pays to have a sideline job apart from the full-time one, to maximize your income potential. And what better way to earn money than to participate in online surveys sent by market research companies for the purpose of research and development all in the comfort of your home? Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, not quite.

If you are serious about trying your luck in the industry of paid surveys at home, then you need to remember one thing: you do not earn lots of money instantaneously here. It takes time and effort for you to start rolling in the cash. However, once you do start earning, your income potential virtually grows, especially since you will have established a strong reputation as a survey-taker and a customer in the market.

It all begins with finding the right company to do business with. Searching for companies that give out online surveys is not as easy as googling them. Yes, you might get a lot of results from the results pages. However, these results just might be dead ends. Thus, steer clear of this and start focusing your attention on forums.

Find a huge forum that caters to people who are interested in participating in paid surveys and when you do find one, make sure to join it right away. For the most part, joining such forums is free so you do not really have to pay an upfront fee for this. Just make sure you join a huge forum to ensure that the information about paid surveys at home that its members share are indeed accurate. The larger the forum, the more diligent its moderators are at distinguishing spam information from the genuine.

You can also go for paid survey membership sites, though with this, you will definitely need to pay an upfront fee. If you find a reliable one though, you are sure to have access to only the legitimate and the high-paying paid survey companies that are just waiting for the right pool of participants to come their way. These companies are the topnotch ones in the industry – those that pay dues on time and in full. With the list provided by your paid survey membership site, your income potential can even reach up to $1,000 each month, depending on your diligence and effort, of course.

With these handy tips, it will take you no time to start earning extra cash just by participating in paid surveys at home.

How to Get Paid to Do Online Surveys

Do you want to know how to get paid to do online surveys? If you do, then you are in luck! There really is serious money in the industry of online surveys, contrary to popular misconception. A lot of people do not really have that much faith in the business, particularly because there are several reports of scam outfits operating in the industry. True, there are lots of scammers in the field and this can be attributed to the nature of the industry itself where the surveys are conducted solely over the web, which makes it much easy to fall victim to these outfits.

Thus, to make sure that you do get paid to do online surveys, you need to take certain steps or measures to protect yourself. The first thing you need to do is conduct research about the company that you are considering doing business with. Make sure it is indeed a legitimate one by checking the reviews posted by fellow survey takers as well.

Another thing you should look into is your payment method. There are a lot of payment methods that you can choose from – from PayPal to Xoom, the choices are virtually limitless. What is important here, however, is to make sure that the services rendered by these companies are available in your area. It really would not make sense going with PayPal if you will have difficulty conducting business in your area.

You actually have two choices when it comes to choosing which company to do business with. You can go for free online survey websites or you can go for the sites that offer online survey membership for a fee.

A lot of people think that for them to get paid to do online surveys, they need to join a survey membership site and pay for their membership. While it can be recommended to go for paid membership sites to some extent, there are indeed free survey sites that you might want to begin with. Of course, there are some risks entailed with free survey sites – the top concern here would be the credibility of the site you choose to do business with. Most of the free sites do not have any accountability, which is an obvious problem. Moreover, they do not really offer money-back guarantees and your potential for income with them is significantly lower.

With paid survey sites, your membership usually comes with bonuses, which are dependent on the site you choose to do business with. Membership sites also provide essential training courses that will help you become more efficient at the job. Plus, they offer money-back guarantees as well.

When it comes to the trade, as long as you just know the ropes, it is definitely possible to get paid to do online surveys – and get paid a lot!


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    • agaglia profile image


      8 years ago

      very interesting. I will tell my daughter about this adventure. She might be able to make a couple dollars.


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