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How To Get The FICO Score Little Higher

Updated on May 12, 2011

Getting A Better Credit Is More Easy Than You Think

Having a low credit means you are probably paying high interest rate on all your credit payments and on your home loan. It does not matter how high or low your current score is, if you manage to raise your FICO score bu only some points, it can save you hundreds of dollars per month and save you thousands of dollars annually! You will have more free cash for all the things you can not afford right now.

The amazing thing is, that you do not have to improve your credit score by a hundred points... If you raise your score by 30-60 points you may jump one level up in the eyes of the lenders and the credit companies. This little movement may place you in a category of customers which are less risky for the credit card companies and the mortgage lenders.

Getting the FICO scor up is a mission you owe yourself and your family, because it is money that is thrown away every month for nothing, it is a 'punishment' for being lazy and not sending a few letters to the credit report holders.

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Here is a short list of thing you can do to improve the score by a few points. See the full list in the article How To Raise FICO Score.

1. Check your FICO score - get the report, you can get one every year for free, you just need to request it.

2. Update Wrong Data - There is always data which is wrong or slightly inaccurate. This means that the information is out of date or just not true. Any thing you fix will have some impact on your score - fix it! Write credit dispute letters to change your report.

3. Payment Reminders- Ask all the credit and loan lenders, to have a payment remainder plan, this is simple, short SMS text messages letting you know next week the payment is due. It can be an email or some other kind of notice. Late payments have impact on the score and lower it down.

4. Get a Credit Card- If you do not own on, ask for a credit card, show the lenders you can handle different kinds of credit, not only one big mortgage.

5. Use Old Credit Cards Too- Part of the credit report is 'credit history', having a short history means you are a mystery, a black hole of data... Having a history of credit is good! It means there are record of what you do. Even not so good credit history is better than NO history.

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Do not pay the monthly lazy punishment fee...


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