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How To Invest Your 401K...the right way

Updated on July 15, 2016
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A blog writer/musician. A year ago, a friend and I started a few blogs...So, we write!

The 401k is undoubtedly one of the most common ways Americans save for retirement. It is also the substitute for the old fashioned pension system and the flexible solution tailored to ones' needs. But can you make it even better - or make the most out of your 401k plan?

The answer is yes - the power of the 401k account can be harnessed - and your financial future can be improved. Today, we are listing the ways how to achieve that.

1. Determine Your Risks Tolerance Level - First of all, you should determine how willing are you to risk. This is one of the main aspects of investing in your 401k account and can be the most crucial one leading to success.

2. The Investment Options - Once you get to know whether you will risk or not and your tolerance level, it's time to get abreast of the investment options in the 401k plan, which include:

ü Mutual funds - These funds are usually too conservative for young investors but are very common - according to Vanguard, 82% of the 401k investors use such target-date funds. If you want to play it more aggressive, you can choose a fund which comes with a later retirement date.

ü Stocks - We all know that the stock market has its ups and downs. However it is a stable option as long as you play it small and make sure to diversify your investment in a variety of stocks opposed to one or only a few.

ü Bonds - Adding some bonds will definitely reduce the volatility of your portfolio and can be a great investment strategy. Also, bonds are usually considered as the safest portion in an investment portfolio.

Speaking of, your investment portfolio should definitely be oriented to a mixture of bonds, mutual funds and stocks as the right way to go. Only with diversification, you can earn a lot and have a profitable 401k investment strategy.

Just like Warren Buffet says: 'Do not put all the eggs in one basket!'


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