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How To Make $100 Today

Updated on December 15, 2016

Why $100 Today?

I was inspired to write this article after joining a membership site intended to bring people together for the purpose of holding common thoughts of good, healing and abundance to attract good into each others lives and the world.

After spending a couple days in the members area it was heartbreaking to read post after post of desperation and fear. Many people were losing their homes, others were struggling to pay the bills.

Many are struggling just to buy food and keep the lights on!

It is easy to talk about how our attitudes, thoughts and feelings are attracting energetic matches but when people are suffering and obviously unable to see outside of their own suffering, a little breathing room may be all it takes to allow a little hope in.

A little hope is all it takes to start the mind thinking gratitude thoughts instead of victim thoughts.  So in the spirit of allowing a little hope in - I decided to write this article about how to quickly make $100.

These ideas are all intended to put cash in your pocket today! 

Quick and Easy Money Selling Your Stuff

These may not be the most original or innovative ideas but I have noticed that people in the throws of desperation don't always see simple solutions right in front of them.

An extra $100 today could mean food for Christmas or the Electricity stays on through the end of the year. Either way, with those pressures releaved, it will be easier to start thinking clear and get back on solid ground.

Opportunities are all around us, we just need to be open to seeing them. In that spirit - how about if we take a little pressure off right now?

I've listed a few easy places below anyone can use to get some quick cash:

  • Pawn: take your unused items, especially tools, guns, electronics, cd's and dvd's and jewelry. It is an expensive way to get money if you intend to keep the item but it is a quick alternative to an item you might otherwise sell in a yard sale
  • Gold Pawn: I separated gold jewelry because not many people realize they can take their gold to traditional jewelers and pawn shops. You've seen the commercials about sending in your old unused gold jewelry...well, you can do it right in your own neighborhood. Just realize, you won't be getting anything for the stones in the jewelry, the items are going to be valued exclusively by their value in karat weight. (18k gold will bring more than 10k etc).
  • Plato's Closet: This is a great little franchise that buys designer and popular clothing for the teen and young adult market. Especially needed are men's cloths. You can expect to get about the same amount of money for cloths at Plato's Closet as on E-bay. Don't be surprised if they don't accept the majority of the items you take. They want current styles and good condition items. Their system for evaluating your goods is quick and simple. I love this solution for clearing out other unused items as well.  Plato's Closet takes shoes, sunglasses, certain CD's and DVD's.  Just remember, they want hip stuff.  If you don't own "hip stuff" go raid your kid's closet for cloths they haven't worn in a year. 


Make Money Today on E-Bay

If you have a paypal account - you can get a paypal debit card for immediate access to your money. This is an immediate solution, once you have the debit card so go to paypal today and apply.

You can use E-bay to make quick sales if you list your items the right way. Pricing your items for quick sale and with a buy-it-now option can have you raking in the money the same day.

If you aren't sure what to sell - you can use e-bay's "what's hot" feature to find out what people are buying. Just go to the sell tab and select the "what's hot" option.

Tip: with a paypal debit card, you can enroll in PayPal Preferred Rewards and earn cash back on your PayPal Debit Card Purchases.  To enroll, you login to your paypal account,, click on the debit card link at the bottom of the page and select Earn Cash Back.

To qualify you add "This seller prefers PayPal" to your website or to your e-bay listings.  You do this simply by submitting your web address or your E-bay user Id and password after you click Earn Cash Back. 

Hope & Joy

Give The Gift Of Inspiration

Two of my very favorite inspirational sites - Hayhouse and Nightingale offer free motivational movies at these two links.  You can give the gift of inspiration by purchasing products or just forwarding the sites to your friends and family. 

Even the newsletters offer daily inspiration and hope. 

Can You Cook or Buy Donuts?

Disclaimer - you may need to get a license or permission to use this strategy.

My favorite thing every morning when I worked in corporate america, was anticipating the arrival of the "breakfast lady". Every morning she would show up between 8:30 - 9:00 AM with a basket full of morning munchies.

She would have pastry, fruit, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast bars and other goodies. I think she actually made most of it herself. Today, with so many pre-made items available in our local grocery store freezer section, I could see you cooking up a few Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches, grabbing some pre-made muffins, cookies and individual servings of milk and making a very quick few bucks.

Walk into any car dealership in the world with food and I guarantee you will leave with a pocket full of money. While you are there, ask them what they like, You can pickup donuts at 1/2 price at your local grocery store the night before and sell them at full price in the morning.


Work Today - Get Paid Today

Look in your local yellow pages (or yellow pages online) for Staffing Solutions, Employment Agencies or Employment Agengies, Temporary and contact them by phone looking for agencies that place workers same day.

There are surprisingly good opportunities for same day work and pay jobs. Get signed up with multiple Agencies for the greatest chance of getting consistent work. 

Be open to the type of work you are willing to do.  It could be something as simple as construction cleanup or housekeeping. This isn't about finding a career - it is just a way for you to keep money flowing. 

Junkyards Can Be A Copper Mine!

Recycling material around your home can be surprisingly lucrative.  Especially if you have scrap copper wire or copper piping.  Your local scrapyard will pay you cash for your copper.  If you carry your copper in a lightweight carrier like trash bags, your scrap will probably be weighed inside the bags - if you transport in bins or some other heavy material you will likely have your scrap dumped onto the scales.  Either way you will be paid based on the current copper scrap value. 


Dedicate yourself to solutions.  By helping others, you focus on solutions and actually help raise the energy in the world.  We have all had the experience of walking into a room and "feeling" the energy - whether heavy and negative or full of joy.

What you put your focus on does matter. 

I just listed a few quick and easy ways I could think of off the top of my head. I will keep adding ideas as I get them but I would really love for you to help with your quick money making ideas in the comments below.

You never know who we might be able to help with this simple little article. Who knows, someone may fill an empty fridge with the ideas we offer here.

Let's also all believe in prosperity and hope for each other in the new year. I wish you all hope, joy, abundance and prosperity.




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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      That's a smart answer to a dilffcuit question.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      collect aluminum cans I see a lot while fishing .cleans the place up too.

    • Lgali profile image


      10 years ago

      very nice advice

    • anjalichugh profile image


      10 years ago from New York

      It has really become difficult to sustain in the present economic conditions. As you right said, it's not about making a's about making some money. I hope this hub helps some people in need.


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