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How To Make Extra Money On Ebay

Updated on April 22, 2013
Hit sign up for Paypal to sign up for paypal.
Hit sign up for Paypal to sign up for paypal.

Starting Off

I once asked my friend, "dude how do you have so much money all the time?" My friend replied, "I just sell stuff on Ebay."

From that day on I decided maybe I should sell some of my unwanted stuff on Ebay as well.

I am actually thankful for my friend for telling me this since now I make a good amount of extra money from Ebay.

If you have any unwanted stuff or things that you don't want sell them on ebay.

Only thing is you have to have an account and ship it.

If you don't have a Ebay account then make one, click on register for Ebay and follow the steps.

Once you're done registering go to your email for the confirmation and click on a link they give in the e-mail and finish registering.

After this you must sign up for a Paypal account if you have not done so already.

Buy It Now & Bidding

You should now have an Ebay and Paypal account so now you can get to selling. Click sell your item, and follow all the steps to list your item on Ebay. One thing you will come upon is whether to sell your item on "buy it now" or put it on "bidding." Now the difference between the 2 of these categories is the fact that when you list a item for buy it now then you put a price and the buyer pays that much.

For example you want to sell your Galaxy case for $12.99 and 2.99 shipping when you put it on buy it now then someone has to pay that much then they can get it. When you put something on bidding then you put a starting price ex. $0.99 and a duration (4 days) and people will bid for the item slowly within 4 days people will try to outbid each other and you might end up selling it for $18.95 plus shipping rather than 12.99 from buy it now.

How To Make Money On Ebay

This is where we talk about making money on Ebay.

Like I mentioned before a good way to get rid of your unwanted stuff is to sell it on Ebay, but this is just a satisfactory plan nothing more.

The real way to make money is to, "buy cheap sell for more."

This means buy stuff cheap or on bidding for a good price and then sell it for more money. Ex. you buy a toaster for $15.78 on bidding or buy it now, but you sell it for $21.90 this is a quick and cheap way of making money on Ebay.

It all comes to how much you paid in the first place and how much more the item is worth.

The more expensive stuff you buy the more money you make.

A good idea is to start small and build your way up.

Start by buying cheap stuff and making about a $10 or $20 profit, then when you have some good money keep going higher, this way you don't lose money.

Once your selling the item there are many small tricks and tips to increase the money of your item.

Tips & Hints

Selling on Ebay isn't as easy as it may seem so here are some tips and pointers to consider. If you want to get the maximum money from your item then put it on bidding. Another trick about bidding is make the duration for your item high (like 9 days) this way people will have more time to see your item and it will go higher in price. You can also put a item for buy it now and bidding this way someone can buy your item, but someone else can bid too. Sometimes some people who are selling something expensive put a reserve on the item this means that they entered a maximum price the bidders have to surpass in order to start bidding. There are so many ways that you can sell your normal items on Ebay that I cant even list them all here.


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