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How To Market Your Restaurant Business - 3 Ways to Successfully Market Your Business

Updated on February 20, 2014

Earn Money Fast and Easy When You Learn How To Market Your Restaurant Business

Growing your restaurant into a successful business is the goal for all business owners. However the money you make seems to be in the hands of the public. The public will make a first impression and spread the word 3 times as fast than any advertising service you may use.

There are many restaurants that are not owned by franchises that don't have the marketing training and expertise at their fingertips, but, using common sense and some great tips you can surely improve your bottom line.

First think of what a successful restaurant looks like to you. You may think of fine quality furniture, groomed staff and clean environment. These things are needed but if you lack good food, great service and alluring menu you may not be appreciated the way you deserve.

Local Restaurant Business Marketing Tips

  • A welcoming store front should be obvious but it isn't. People can become intrigued by specials and clean welcoming window display.
  • Specials in window should reflect daily and weekly specials and stay current.
  • A courteous staff is very important to bring back your visitors. Don’t assume, train your staff. This can kill a business.
  • Clean restrooms are imperative. You don't want this bad publicity getting out. Make sure you have a schedule made for restroom cleaning.
  • Flyers/advertisements and coupons should always be a factor to keep your business on the locals mind. If you don't your competition will.
  • Have your staff say hello and good bye to every customer.

Restaurant Marketing Tips To Bring Customers Back

  • reward card
  • lunch specials
  • monthly special
  • theme nights (karaoke, kids night, etc)
  • senior specials
  • weekly draws (something free)

Depending on what type of restaurant you have you may be experiencing hardship or growth issues because of the recurring expenses, such as:

  • payroll
  • equipment lease
  • lease/mortgage
  • other monthly expenses

Some business can't get a bank loan to fund the needed growth and never grow to their fullest potential or fail in business. Learning marketing will not only grow you business but for you to expand in some cases.

3 Ways to Market Your Business

  1. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Setting up business pages and keeping the public aware. Keep you in the front of your potential customers mind.
  2. Direct Marketing is not dead, in fact fortune 500 swears by it for a reason. Give your business a boost by using direct mail to grab your customer’s attention.
  3. Community Events are a great way to give back to the community and assuring they see you as a friend. This will make a win win situation for all involved. Friend are loyal.

Staying is business is wonderful but knowing how to finance your restaurant business when cash is needed is priceless. Applying a restaurant marketing plan with the knowledge to finance without a business loan will assure that you never have problems you can't handle.

The reason you’re in business is to make a profit by doing something you’re passionate about. However, the real job is marketing. Without knowledge of marketing any business would be due to struggle. Hopefully this hub has helped in some small way to help you earn money fast and easy in your business.


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