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How To Make Money From Home Without Having Special Skills

Updated on December 17, 2009

There are million of methods to make money from home and billions of web sites giving you advice how to do it. That's cool, but there are two problems:

1. 99% of these web sites are talking nonsense and offering methods that don't work.

2. The other 1% of the ideas work but require special skills.

For example you can make good money from home programming in Java or translating from Spanish to Japanese, but what to do if you are not a programmer neither a translator? Can a house wife or a student make some extra cash without being a computer guru? I'd say yes. Maybe not millions but some extra cash - yes for sure.

I'll give you few ideas here. 

Method one: Become a virtual assistant

Many busy people or small businesses are looking for virtual assistants - people who help them answer emails, arrange correspondence, write documents, datasheets, arrange files and so on. Of course being a virtual assistant requires some skills, but they are nothing highly specialized and aren't going to take months to learn. Most important of course you need stable internet connection and basic computer skills.

This is not just an "extra cash" method - there are many people out there who actually make living from it. See few things to consider before becoming a virtual assistant. 

Data Entry

No matter how much the software improves and evolves (and maybe just because of that) there is always need of people who to enter data in databases, datasheets, Excel tables and so on. Data entry is a very popular method to make money from home that requires nothing more than very basic computer skills and of course patience. The payment isn't always attractive but you can earn some extra cash without washing your brain.

Learn more about the data entry jobs here

Internet Researcher

The only "special skill" this job requires is to know how to use a search engine. If you don't have much experience with this get some young geek to teach you - it will take an hour. Many companies or individuals are ready to pay for researching on various topics online - something that they are too busy to do themselves. Being an internet researcher is an easy job and can bring decent income.

See this guide for more information on becoming an internet researcher. 


Like reading? Like to get paid for that? Well maybe you won't be paid for reading crime stories (and maybe you will!) but proofreading is really easy way to make money online - you online need to know your language well. People and companies will pay you to read texts and correct spelling and grammar mistakes in them. That's relatively easy, isn't it?

Such proofreading jobs can be found on the major freelance sites like Guru and Elance. Get some more ideas about proofreading here.

"Get Paid To" Programs

People are odd. Some will pay you to surf web sites. Other will pay you to take surveys, to click on links, to type, to read emails and even to shop. This is called "get paid to" programs and while the payment is usually low, it's the easiest way to make money - most of them require absolutely no special skills except knowing how to use your browsers. Since you are reading this, you already know how to use it.

Read more about the "get paid to" programs and give them a try.


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