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How To Make Money From Unfamiliar Topics?

Updated on March 7, 2010

What is Your Niche?

Even though if you are not an expert in any niche, you have at least niche. Right? Everybody has his/her own particular field of interest. Technology, business, travel and more. But you and me have some knowledge which is solid and confined to a particular interest or niche or even a keyword. And with an intention to make money, you and me, are really working hard online by writing about the topics that we know very well about. There's nothing supernatural. Your interest or a expertise in particular niche enforces your to write numerous articles or blog posts up on them. But it is really important to note that there are a lot of topics or niches or keywords online that we don't even know about, with a real potential to make money. So justifying yourself with this problem, you don't even force to write about the topics you are not familiar with. That's not a problem at all as far as you are building your empire in your expertised niches or topics online. But what if you don't? Then you have to reconsider those niches that you ignored once due to the fact that you didn't know about them. Let us talk about how to write about topics that are unfamiliar to you and make good income from them as you do in your favourite niches.

2 Things That Can Be Done

So there are 2 things you can do at this point of time. One need no investment of money but time. The other one need no time but a little investment. Let me make it more clear.

First thing you can do is really tedious and it depends up on the degree of unfamiliarity to the topic. If you are really unfamiliar with a niche or topic, you can familiarise within 2 to 3 days. Believe me. You can. Just visit and search for the niche. There are a lot of reviews, feedbacks and product indormation available about the particular paroduct or topic you are looking for. There are a lot of ebooks available which shows you previous pages of what's inside them. This is an excellent source of information if you continue to do the same thing in some ebooks of similar topic. Mostly, this works in the case of products. But if you are really lookng for some quality but quick information, you can visit article directories like EzineArtcies, GoArticles and more. So if you are able to read a few quick pages, then you become familiar with the topic.

Other think rquires no time, but money. I hope you know what I am talking about. Yes, I mean hiring Freelance Writers. You can hire freelance writers for writing quality content about specific niche, as low as $1 per article. So with 10$, you will have 10 topics ready to be posted on your newly made niche site which is waiting for the content. Then, you can use the SEO techniques as usual to increase the visibilty. So you will achieve what you need irrespective of the knowledge about the niche. This is also one of the thot trends of building a low maintenance income website. If you create multiple sites this way, then you are going to make good money monthly. That's all.


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    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 7 years ago from Richmond

      Thank you for writing this hub. There are many new writers like me who don't have money to invest in something that we are not familiar with. Thank you for clearing things up.