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How To Make Money Online Without Blog or Website

Updated on March 7, 2014

How to Make Money with Google Adsense

How to Make Money with Google Adsense
How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Making Money Online - Is it Easy???

First of all, let me introduce with you all with my past. When I was studying on 12th standard, in science stream. I used to use internet on my mobile. I was searching few sites like downloading musics, watching online movies etc. Later my brother suggested me not to making time pass with internet. And also suggest me that do something extra ordinary so that you can use internet in the best way. Not in a timepass way.

I still remember his sentence and that's changed my life. Later I was searching for job. I tried to search online sites to get job for 12th stranded students.So that I can earn something and try to pay atleast my college fees.

I searched online lots of site, but all were spam and subscribing like that. After few days of research I got one site that was paying users to view their website ads. I have signed up, viewed ads on daily basis there. I saw my earning was increasing day by day. Finally when I reached t minimum payout limit, I got banned from that website saying improper using of service. However I was serious and I had not gone beyond any guidelines.

Later I researched about scam of that website and I found that it was scam. I got very depressed because I wasted my 2 month of study timing in it.

Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Make Money While You Are Sleeping

Make Money While You Are Sleeping
Make Money While You Are Sleeping

How to Use Google Adsense and Adwords to Make Profit

Researching Genuine Money Making Program

Later whenever I was signing up site for online money making or online job, I make few research about scam and then proceed. So step by step I was getting clear way.

I still don't know from which website I got hear about Google Adsense.I have made few research about Google adsense because I was thinking it also might be scam program. I have read lots of positive review about Google adsense. So I tried to get it.

I don't have any website or blog at that time but was having knowlege about Google adsense. Later I also got few information about which is free service run by Google. I made research again and then came to know that eligible blogspot blog can display adsense ads on blog and make money online.

I have created one blogspot blog,

I had posted few contents there and applied for Google adsense but rejected. I had applied for 12 times, I still remember but every-time I applied, all time I got rejected.Later I came to know about site. That was allowing members to create content and apply for Google adsense.

I still not have heared anything about hubpages. I created few contents, waited for 6 month there and then applied for Google adsense. My application review was took around 1 week. and I lose all my hope. Later I got mail from Google adsense that my adsense account was approved. I was very happy at that time but did not know how I could use Google adsense to make money without getting banned from Google adsense.

Content is King

later I have searched few adsense revenue sharing websites. I have posted lots of content on such websites. I have also found the hubpages at that time. I have signed up for hubpages and write few contents there also before 4 years from today.(Today is 30th January 2014)

I have also associated my adsense account with Later I went to create my personal blog and start earning from it. Actually I have created my personal blogs and earning very good amount from those blogs. But I thought I should be in the community so I have also started again with hubpages along with my personal blogs.

Get Paid To Write on HUbpages

Get Paid To Write on HUbpages
Get Paid To Write on HUbpages

How Much Do You Earn From Google Adsense Monthly?

See results

Earn with Amazon & Google Adsene

If you don't have any blogs and wants to get started, like authority sites are the best for you. You don't have to invest anything. Just Signup For HubPages for free and write good SEO friendly content optimized content.

If you are good at writing and writing quality stuffs, I would also suggest you to optimize images for Search engines. This way you will receive traffic from both content and images.If peoples are searching for content related to your article, they might get your article on search engine results page. As well as if some peoples are looking for high quality images related to your content, you will also receive that traffic on your hub.

Now If you are having google adsense, you can associate it with hubpages and ads, that are being displayed on your article will get revenue. Hubpages would give you 60% and keep 40%.

If you don't have any blog, hubpages is the best plateform to start without investment.
You can also show amazon affiliates products or eBay affiliate products on your hubs & receive revenue from it.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

Using Other Tricks

You can also use , a free service run by google. Where you can create content, make new blog with your own name as subdomain there. You can also associate custom domain to your blogspot account.Hosting content is free so you will have to pay only for domain charges, that might be around 10 USD per year or like that.

AdSense Optimization: Upgrade to High-Performing Units

Content Optimization

It's my personal experience that if we have own blog, we are more prone to customize it. Even on we can customize blog theme. So instead of writing on quality content, we start making theme more beautiful.

Instead of hubpages like sites are having their own theme and domain authority so we don't have to modify it. We just have to create good content and everything will be managed by hubpages.

You can also create YouTube channel and associate your YouTube channel with adsense to start making money from YouTube also. It would be hard to make first 100 USD from Google adsense but after that earning will be comes on monthly basis. In my case it took around a complete year to receive first 100 USD but now I am making average 500-800 USD per month from Google adsense alone.

I have been in blogging and SEO field since last 4 years and have good experience about it.If you are not having hubpages account, Signup For HubPages and start writing quality content & start making money online. If you need any kind of help, feel free to ask me. I would be happy to help you. :D


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