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How To Make Money With Your IPhone or IPod Touch

Updated on August 20, 2012

Making Money With Your IPhone Can Be as Easy As a Few Touches

The Applications That Are Useful and How They Work

There are many applications that you can download with your IPod Touch or your IPhone that can make you money. I have found quite a lot of them and tested them out for you. Here are the applications and a brief description of how they work:

1. AppTrailers- This application is based on watching small videos that advertise an application. I have used this one for a couple of months and have watched A LOT of videos on it. I have only accumulated around 8 dollars, but it's not that bad of an application. It makes it very easy to earn a little extra money. You can exchange your points for giftcards of all sorts and you can even transfer your money over to PayPal.

2. CheckPoints- You can earn money on this application by scanning barcodes of products that are in your house, or in stores. You get points for scanning the barcodes and you can exchange these points for giftcards to various places. This application is more suited for the IPhone due to the signal connection.

3. Offer Rewards- This is a newer application that makes you money when you complete offers made by various websites. An example offer would be "Complete this survey to win 50 points!" This application coincides with the first one I mentioned. It will take your points from that apllication and transfer them over to Offer Rewards. Overall, not a great application, but not bad either.

What Application Is The Best Money-Maker?

Which Application Do You Prefer?

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Which Application Is Best For Money-Making

Now for the big finale. The best, fastest and easiest application to make money is App Trailers. I find it simple to watch 20 second videos and be rewarded. Frankly, you don't even have to "watch" the videos. You can look away from your IPhone if you prefer. Let me warn you though. If you find an application that says it will make you money, only download it if it is free. Odds are, if it costs money, you will probably lose more money than you actually make. Hope you enjoyed the applications I have shared with you!


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    • TheMasterHubber profile image

      Ben Cooper 5 years ago from USA

      Your welcome! I like App Trailers the best! Although its not great many, it's not bad. Have a good one!

    • SoaresJCSL profile image

      SoaresJCSL 5 years ago


      Thanks for your Hub. I'll try the App Trailers ;)