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6 Smart Passive Income Methods To Make Smart Passive Income Online

Updated on August 4, 2015

Modern Desktop:Typing An Article For Publication

Typing An Article Or Hub on  A Desktop
Typing An Article Or Hub on A Desktop | Source

Learning To Make Smart Passive Income Online Or The Internet Can Improve Your Standard Of Living

So you want to make smart passive income or residual income on the internet?


How you will learn to earn smart passive income online matters much. It can help improved your standard of living. It can cushion the effect of waiting for that retirement benefit or as a means of financial freedom.

Earning internet income online is now a well established business. Men and women, mature boys and girls are getting online and making waves on this. This is 'the great game' of the internet.

Nowadays, it is very easy to make money online. Everybody has the ability to do so. Some are very lucky to start out very early; others are not so fortunate but are catching up with the gurus via, mentoring.

But what is passive income or residual income? Let us understand this in very clear terms. I do not think a definition of it will make things easy at the onset.

Let's say, you put out a product in the form of an online article like this piece. This can later be modify to make an e-book of 20 pages or more. The e-book when published and put up for sale say at $15 per piece. Let's assume also that the cost of $15 is the actual cost of producing the e-book. And that the $15 has been realize. Any subsequent sale of the e-book at $15 is consider the passive income.

Again, if this trend of earning or sales continue over and over again at $15 more or less, it is real time passive income. Because it goes on bringing money week after week and month after month. It depends on the control or time factor the producer put it up in the market.

Depending on the demand for the product or the control the author had over it in the market. It is making sales, It can still bring in money for years.

Actually, the author of the e-book is not in active production of the same item. The product in the data bank is being download by buyers with a link to the web site of the author. This non-active participation of the production of the product by the author make the stream of money a passive income.

So, the money you get from your effort or investment ONCE, whether you are still at work or you do not work due to say terminal sickness is passive income as you do not actively and directly participate in the work again.

Passive or residual income are used interchangeably.

The thin red line between the two is this: active and non active participation. Passive income is action you took once to ensure the money keep flowing in and continue to flow over and over again. Residual income on the other hand will let you participate in the work directly or indirectly to ensure the money will still come in.

For example, in an affiliate program, where monthly or yearly membership of $10 is required, you have to maintain this $10 once a month or year to ensure your active participation. This assured you will receive your commission as when due. Failure to keep to this investment means your commission or share is zero.

Or take another example. The affiliate membership required that for each referral you made to its web site, you will receive 20% commission. Now if you refer just one person, you are entitled to only 20% of the commission. For referring additional five persons, you receive 20% on each of the five and so on. This is the good thing about residual income in particular. The more referral you made, the more your commission increases. In other words, the money you earn is directly proportional. Where there is no referral, it means there is no commission or earnings for you.

Having said this, we can understand the issue clearly. Here then is a simply and clear definition of passive income: "Earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved..." In other words, the creator of a passive income plays an active role ONCE, but passively plays a passive role to earn the money.

Fresh Content

In an article like this hub, FRESH content after a month or two will be useful to keep readers and visitors inform. In other words, your should include new ideas into your story to be up to date. So, if you are writing an article to make smart passive income on the internet, always visit your hub or article after a brief period of time to insert and inject fresh ideas into the story.

This will make your visitors and readers come gain and again to your feed on your story.

In The Comfort Of The Living Room Alone?

Make Smart Passive Income Online Or The Internet With A Computer: Work At Home
Make Smart Passive Income Online Or The Internet With A Computer: Work At Home | Source

Work At Home

You can work at home at your convenience. But you are not confirm to the living room alone. With a Laptop or Notebook, your location is now global.

Any where promising for you is practically your location!

You are not confirm to the Living Room alone.

Does doing Business Online to Make Smart Passive Income required the Comfort of the Living Room alone?

See results

You Are Not Confirm To The Living Room Alone. Here Under The Cool Shade Of A Guava Tree I Am Reviewing This Hub-Smart Passive Income Methods

Watch Me Review My Smart Passive Income Methods To The Next Level
Watch Me Review My Smart Passive Income Methods To The Next Level | Source

Making Smart Passive Income online

Making passive income nowadays on the internet is easy as said earlier. It has help many an unemployed person to be self-employed or rather start to make a business of their own. This is why the internet is so vital these days. It is being harness more and more toward business, especially small businesses; or more accurately, home-base businesses. These fall into the work at home types. Again, many of the offline firms or brick and mortar businesses are now getting online they products and service; and are even looking for partners or affiliates to promote their wares.

Information Marketing

Making internet income online is achievable. But first, get the training especially in information marketing.

Do you know how to gather, assembled and market your ware? What are your target market, or audience or niche? Are they boys or girls age 12-18,? Or men and women of certain 19 -25 or 26-45? Is your product direct to a specific issue say body building, or cookery, or how to make money on the internet?

Learn all that you can about the subject or niche. Add to your knowledge bank and research. You may have a wealth of information to inform your audience well at a certain price. This is information marketing.

Read To Be Inform

Do you read to inform yourself? Do you read to advanced your knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand? I will not move into any technical issue here but one must read and read widely.

I read to see what others authors are saying on this subject of passive income before I put pen to paper. I noted the competition. I note the challenge presently and ahead; and yet I went ahead to write on this ever wide and saturated field not minding if it will be published or not.

This is why I and you should read. You will do yourself a lot of good if you read other related story on this subject. Read all that you can about online ways to make money.

Earn Dollars for your Smart Passive Income Ventures

Smart Passive Income  Dollars Can Give You Financial Freedom
Smart Passive Income Dollars Can Give You Financial Freedom | Source

Join Affiliate Program

Are you ready to join the band wagon or rather follow the train? You never will regret it if you join one of these very successful businesses on line as an affiliate.

By far, one of the best ways to start earning passive income is to go online and become an affiliate. Here you help promoted the products of others or you refer your friends or recruits and earn commission. This may be for life as your referrals continue with the program because any sales generated, you receive a certain percentage as your commission.

Again you will learn that you are being directly mentored. You earn as you learn. You can run your online business beside this to receive additional streams of extra-internet-income..

Weekly Referrals and Earnings for Affiliate Passive Income

Weekly Referral
Sales ($)
Weekly Earnings ($)
Affiliate Passive Income Earnings

Earnings to be Expect

Becoming an affiliate online to make money is good. Here is how. It all depends on your ability, determination and hard work.

Making money online is easy. It is also hard. You must combine both mindset. It is easy when you pass the reason for and against. It is hard because you have to work long hours before you see that real income bank roll into your banking account. You have to be focus, work hard and make head way. The result of this pays well in personal and financial freedom.

If you join as an affiliate, you are entitled to earn money plus commissions in certain cases.This can be anything from 20%. The commission will depend on sales generated (purchases) or referral you made.

When you refer people to buy something online, you will receive commission for whatever they buy.

Let's do a basic math or a computation for earnings to be expect. For one sale or referral you made online say it is $30 just for a day. 20% of this is 20/100 x $30 which is $6.

Suppose you make five sales or referral in a week, this is 5 x 6=$30. As said above, it depends on your ability, determination and hard work. And as long as your referral continue to make purchases, you continue to receive commissions.

So, for five referrals you made in a week, your commission is $30. For four weeks it is 4x30=$120. And for a year is $1440. This is just a simple computation of how things will work out.

The more you refer or more sales, the more your commission. This is the essence of an affiliate program in earning passive income.

If you are on your own and you published an e-book. You earmark it for $10 per download for the first 50 copies. If this 50 copies were sold in a week you earn $500. At the end of this promotion, you increase the price to normal $15. Again, if 50 was sold at $15, you make $750. For this $750 or more in a week, you are likely to earn from $3000 plus a month.

Promote your e-book(s)

To sell your e-book(s), promote them with a minimum of one e-book offer plus a bonus! People like frebies. I do.

Create your World by Earning Passive Income in Dollars

Personal And Financial Independence...Dollar Planet
Personal And Financial Independence...Dollar Planet | Source

Academic qualifications will not favour you to Make Passive Income Online

Do making passive income online or the internet required any qualification? Do one has to be qualified as a computer operator? No, but learning the practical basic or fundamental principles is essential. The ability to read and write is basic to all internet marketers. Additional qualification like a degree or diploma may make one an expert on a technical point. Also, you must know how to operate the computer key board. That is all that is need initially. I am not saying that you should be a computer guru.or an academician. No. Majority of these professionals can not and has not make a dine on the net! They can if willing to do so. I am unable to type or operate the computer keyboard for years. But just to make head way on the internet, and make some internet money, I went for a three months instructive course. I benefit. So you too can do it.

Desktop/Computer Training

I Want To Make Smart Passive Income On The Internet. Here sitting Extremely Left With Fellow Computer/Desktop Students To Master The Computer Keyboard Is Miebakagh Fiberesima
I Want To Make Smart Passive Income On The Internet. Here sitting Extremely Left With Fellow Computer/Desktop Students To Master The Computer Keyboard Is Miebakagh Fiberesima | Source

Know How To Operate The Computer Keyboard. Mastering This Technique Ensures You Can Type Your Work For Publication.

A Smart Passive Income Mthod Is To Master Your Computer Keyboard
A Smart Passive Income Mthod Is To Master Your Computer Keyboard | Source

A Mini NoteBook Or Laptop Can Be Used For Typing Your Work. It Is Flexible And Can Be Taken And Used Any Where.

Making Smart Passive Income On The Internet Required You To Have A Computer
Making Smart Passive Income On The Internet Required You To Have A Computer | Source

Multiple Streams of Passive Income

You can not get on just one path to make passive income that can meet all your monetary needs. Do the regular income you get from your monthly pay or salary solve this issue? The answer is a firm no. This is also applicable to passive income.

Every internet marketer knows this. So we strive to get at least two more ways to strike the gold.

Take this article as an example of how one could make more than one way out of it. The first is that it is an article. It will be published. And it will earn some dollar. Two, this hub can be modify to make an e-book. If successful, earn some dollar. Three, we can produced the e-book in the form of a CD or DVD disc. More money comes in. We can make the hub a teaching material at a seminar, workshop or webinar. Still, more money will come from this effort. These various pathways create multiply streams of passive income all from one source, an article.

The Concept Of The Experts

I am compel to make brief summary or abstract on what many of the experts on this subject have opined so far. I call this paths to make a fortune.

Passive Income: How to Earn More and Work less-From Scott Allen.

Visit this link to review or be more inform on the issue:

  1. Work at your job and use some of your hard earned money to buy assets that will yield passive income for you.
  2. Create a product that people will buy over and over again..
  3. Engage affiliates to sell your products.
  4. Taxes on passive income is less than on active income.
  5. How could you make money off the works of others? In other words, you have to promote affiliate program online to make money.

What other experts opined: various other experts have varied opinion on the subject of passive income. I will again give an abstract and I suggest that you visit the links to learn more.

How To Retire Early by Building Residual Income: 6 Steps

1. Live below your means (restrict your budget to things that will keep you to your long time goals.

2. Maintain an emergency savings account of six months income.

3. Invest extra money in savings plan if any.

4. Your increase from a raise in your job should be split into two: one half goes for fun and the other half for savings.

5. Any other extra money should be invest in at least more than two portfolio.

6. Your portfolios should be review annually with a change to move forward.

Here is another expert opinion. This time from Ben Smith, Yahoo contributor Network.

What is Residual Income

1. Do something once and make money on it for the rest of your life...this goal can be achieved, it takes time and effort. In fact, it takes months,( or even years) before you see a substantial amount of money from your efforts.

2. Examples of residual income activities

  • Royalties from books and patents
  • Advertisements or affiliate links on your blog or website
  • Subscriptions or donations to your blog or websites
  • Investments in security-stocks and bonds
  • Sales of online photograph or videos
  • Creation of a business and than hiring some one to run it for you

3. The idea residual income will produce money 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. It will be a global reach of almost 7 billion people. And this income stream will consist of a product that you don't personally have to make, market, distribute, or interact in any way. All you have to do is watch the money roll in.

4. The reality is that such a creature doesn't exist. Earning royalties on intellectual properties required you to put in some effort.

5. Some advantages of residual income

  • Financial independence
  • Personal independence
  • When work stops due to ill-health, money still roll in
  • Global location-(since the work is on the internet, you can do it anywhere)

6. Disadvantages:

  • More time and effort is need
  • Instant gratification will kill skill, vision, patience, and determination

And yet another expert opinion:

"Why Residual Income is Smart Money-And Ways You Can Earn It" by Marty Foley

1. Residual income is in

come that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

2. Compare to linear income, a 'one-shot' payment in the form of fee, wage, commission or salary. Linear income is directly proportional to the number of hours invested in it (40 hrs. of work for 40 hrs of pay).

3. The great advantage of residual income is that once the things are set in motion, you continue making money from your initial efforts, while gaining time to devote to other things...such as generating more streams of residual income!

4. Examples or variety of ways residual income can be earned:

  • Movies, TV shows or commercials that features you.
  • Sales made from e-books, songs you record from agreements you enter into with a publisher
  • Purchase a building or real estate and rent it
  • Start a savings and investment program that earn interest or dividends
  • Join associate program (or affiliates program)
  • Create and market your own products-self publish your e-books or information products

This is yet another: "Residual Income Formula Secrets Reveal"-My Lead System Pro

1. Looking for a proven residual income formula guaranty to work? Good luck with that. No such animal exists..

2. Only lots of proven ways exists and you have to take at least two ways "then get in and get busy".

3. There are more than one type of residual income:

  • Build a network marketing business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Promotion of 100% commission programs

This extract is from "Residual Income: What Is It and How Does it Works

1. Residual income continue to generate it self even after the work has been completed. Such income helps you earn more while working less as it continues to pay recurrently for work done once.

2. Salary and residual income: the hours of work you put in and the money or salary you earn has a 1 to 1 ratio. So when you stop working, your salary stops.

3. But residual income ask that you put in long hours of work and the rewards come in longer and continues for a long time.

4. Freelance writing and multilevel marketing jobs, royalties from books, advertising on the internet, property renting, and investment in stocks and securities, are sources of residual income.

5. Want to make residual income work for you? Work hard and be a success.

6. If you choice to bring affiliate team into this income plan, have they talent and hard work to increase the earning?

"14 Residual Income Ideas" Link:

1. Create a blog site to post contents and display GoogleAdwords

2. Parking Slot to collect some fee from parking cars at an event.

3. Purchase a Franchise (to sell goods exclusively in your area).

4. Start a real Estate.

5. Invest in the Stock Market.

6.Invest in or Start or operate a Laundry Mat.

7. ATM Machine operations at garages, super markets, etc.

8. Vending Machines.

9. Write a book.

10. Factoring.

11. Produce a CD.

12. Movie Machines.

13. Coin Machines.

14. Storage Units.

Visit the given link for a clear and full discussion of this by Steven Roddy.


All these expert opinions called for creativity.

  • Making passive income online is not an overnight and get rich quick venture.
  • It demands the best and the highest actions for a long time effect.
  • It calls for a strong intellectual effort and input e..g. writing a song, an article, film acting, networking and internet marketing.
  • Real estate ventures required significant sum of money and this has to be raised as loan or from log time savings.
  • Partnership in passive income ventures is risky; but resourceful and trustful affiliates can enhanced the venture.
  • Success is achievable with log working hours and hard work.
  • The long time effect is financial and personal freedom to do other things- more passive income ventures and leisure

The Dollars You Earn As A Passive Income Gives You Financial Freedom


The Smart Passive Income Methods

So far, what are the smart and cool practical blue prints to making passive income on the internet?

  • Method number one: Have a computer or a laptop. Do you have a computer? Any person desiring to make passive income on the net must have a good personal computer. Windows 7 is a common device. However, right there in the markets are numerous PC for one's like or choice. Ensure that your PC is internet ready type, otherwise, you just end up with a game playing tool in your hands!

A Mini Notebook Or Laptop

A Mini Laptop Or Notebook-Even If You Need To Make Smart Passive Income Offline, You Need One.
A Mini Laptop Or Notebook-Even If You Need To Make Smart Passive Income Offline, You Need One. | Source

Out There in the Market are various brand/type of PC's/Laptops for your liking

Types of Laptop
Types of Laptop | Source

Active Internet Connection

  • Method number two: Have an active internet connection. To have a PC is one thing and to have an active internet connection is another. You must have an active internet connection with one of the telecommunication networks or internet service providers in your locality. Your internet service provider may be able to advice you on the type of package available. I advise you go for the optimum or premium package if you can afford it, for you are likely to download some internet training manuals, software, etc up to 30MB. Some Government Information, Communication and Technology Agencies, coffee shops, airports, etc provide free internet access facilities to the public, One can take advantage of this and I do regularly to save money from private ISP. But beware that you do not compromise your mail box password, banking ID and password and other personal identity to online theft.

Internet Service Provider:Vendor- This vendor Helps You And Your Device Connect To The Internet

A Roadside/Street ISP Vendor
A Roadside/Street ISP Vendor | Source

A Laptop Publicly Connect To The Internet

A Modern Laptop
A Modern Laptop | Source

This Laptop Is Connect To The Internet Via, Work Network. Note The Flash Drive Or USB Modem


Find Your Niche Market

  • Method number three: Find your niche market. What do you want to do online to make passive income? That is your niche market. Do you want to write articles? Do you want to write e-books? Can you write an article of 800-1000 words or more? Generally, can you write as an author, writer or poet? Writing an article of 1000 words or more that is acceptable for publication on major web sites like Yahoo!, Hub pages, squidoo, etc will earn you regular passive income. Still, you do not know what to do? Do not worry. There are many niche markets out there on the net like the sands on a seashore! or you can create one that suits you. Do you have a hobby that you can write well enough? Are you an authority on any subject, problem or topic that you think people are interested in and want information or solution for? You can easily package these information or solutions in a marketable form and at an affordable price for the buyers. This is where information marketing comes into prominence. People are always seeking for information for one issue or the other. They want information on health. They want information on food and diet. Information marketing is one of the best ways you can earn a good passive income online. It will further help you generate more passive income via, your affiliates. Or search the web and look for what people want. Sell it to them in the desire form. Here is a question my mentor once ask me: "What is your niche, Miebakagh?" Well, what is your niche my friend?

Have You An Online Banking Account?

  • Method number four: Have an online banking account. Do you have a banking account online? My initial experience with this is terrific because I could not afford to make payment online as an internet marketer. On advise, I contact a good local bank that help me remit payment online. Banks with a Master Card compliance are excellent for this purpose. The account must be geared toward making payment online for global benefit.You as an internet marketer likely to make payment online. For example, for the purchase of computer software, like internet security softwares, e-books for mentoring and the seller in far away China required that you either pay him or her in United States dollar or Great Britain pound. Your bank can convert the local monetary value to the international equivalent. For instance, Norton Internet Security by Sythematec will ask you to pay online with your master card if you can not get the software in Disc form in your locality. You will also be paid online for the services you render. For example, for the articles you wrote or your e-books, or any other products that you put up for sale on the internet market. You will also be paid for the affiliate agreement you entered into with your mentor or business firm. So you go to your local bank and talk with them. Ask them questions if they services is marketable toward your needs. They will help you to remit to your vendors money for services and products or items that you are likely to buy on start up, say payment for e-books. Later, you can add PexPay or PayPal, Payoneer, etc which are not global banks but through them you can make payment and receive payment. These and other secure payment facilities are at your discretion. The choice is yours.

Do You Have A Mentor?

  • Method number five: Have a mentor. No one just come new to the internet market to make some passive income will strike it big. Those internet marketers who promise you will make $1000 to $1500 over night will scam you. You are ask to pay $25 for membership and later or immediately you will be ask for another sum of money for professional or elite class of the site. Neither the goods or service will come or not. It is after you are throughly mentored that you will began to make head way in earning your first dollar and not $1000 as promised. Your mentor guides you until you become proficient. It depends on the niche you take. Is it e-book or information marketing? Could you like to be an affiliate selling other peoples products and earning some percentages of the money generated? It is up to you to decide.

Internet Mentor Training

Internet Mentor Training. Have A Mentor To Make Money Online. Standing first Roll And Arrow Is Miebakagh Fiberesima
Internet Mentor Training. Have A Mentor To Make Money Online. Standing first Roll And Arrow Is Miebakagh Fiberesima

Start To Be Creative

  • Method number six: start to be creative. Start writing your article or hub. There are many web sites to choice and go for this. HubPages is an example. Yahoo! contributor and Squidoo are others. Not long ago, Squidoo is merged with HubPages and transfer of articles has already began September,2014.
  • Or you can create any marketing venture other than writing to earn passive income. That is up to you. How about a blog or advertising website? When advertisement placed on your blog are click, you earn money.

First, register as a user of a web site (HubPages).

  • Visit or HubPages on your internet (Google browser).
  • On the window that appears, click the Join now button.
  • A new window shows up and you will be ask for:
  • Your name or user name, e-mail address, password and confirmation of password by re-typing it, agreeing to the hubpages term of service and entering the turning or security number or code in the captcha button.
  • Click continue and you will be taken to complete the registration process.

That is all that there is to it.

Secondly, study the rules of article or hub writing, especially that of the particular web site you are to submit your story. Each web site has its own requirements. HubPages has its customized tools, instructions, etc for writing hubs of any category; and you have got to stick to that. Study and follow these rules and you will success.

Third, choice an interesting topic to write. Is it an experience unique to you that you want to share with the outside world? Is it a hobby? The topic you choice must be interesting for you to write. Just let it be interesting, informative and enlightening and a guide or reference point.

Here is a guide on how to plan for your article:

  • Abstract: this is a summary of what the article is all about.
  • Introduction: a brief of what is to expect in the story.
  • Body with sub-theme: this is the main part of the story. Flesh, blood and bone. Be very specific.
  • Conclusion: round up your story. Engage the reader by a call for action.
  • Reference: try to include reference for your readers to consult.

To your passive income success!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima) Copyright 2013-2015

To your online success!

Miebakagh Fiberesima
Miebakagh Fiberesima | Source


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      Thanks for the compliments. It is an encouragement likewise. Yes, making passive income even on HubPages is a steady way to make money. Thanks once more for your keen observations.

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      Miebakagh, Thank you for the ways to make passive income online. It is great to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well all over the world.

      *FYI To all your readers, I make money... 'passive' 'residual' money by using the following program. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to slowly build passive income. It works for me!

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      Voting up.

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      Welcome to the world of passive income making. Learn more and also to contribute to this venture. Knowledge is constantly increasing.