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How To Make Savings With Meal Vouchers & Other Discount Vouchers

Updated on July 8, 2010

Why I Love Meal Vouchers

I am a big fan of discount vouchers. If there is a way to get a deal on something that I would buy anyway this is a lovely added bonus. My favourite types of money off vouchers are the ones to do with any meal deals. If I can find a 2 for 1 meal voucher or one for 50% off the meal then show me where to sign up.

The last time I used a meal voucher was when I went for a meal at Café Rouge. The deal was for 50% off the bill. That meant that my friend and I could enjoy a delicious meal at a bargain price. When I get one of these vouchers I usually take the opportunity to treat myself to one of the more expensive dishes on the menu or I really indulge and get myself a calorie loaded delicious dessert.

Enjoy Your Meal Deal
Enjoy Your Meal Deal

How To Find These Meal Deals

The way I find out about money off vouchers is to do a search on the internet. I just go to google and type in the name of the restaurant I am interested in and add discount or voucher at the end. This usually brings up lots of different sites where you can download your voucher or sign up and get one delivered to your email in box. I also look out any deals in newspapers and magazines. There is always a deal to be found somewhere.

I have also signed up to Martin Lewis' site Money Saving Expert. This a sited dedicated to providing information about ways to save money and to cut costs. I have signed up to receive the weekly updates which regularly has meal deals.

Discount Vouchers Are Now Used By Everyone

There used to be a time when people didn’t like the idea of using discount vouchers because there seemed to be some kind of stigma attached. It was as if you were admitting to the world that you couldn’t afford to pay full price for stuff. Thank goodness that those days are long gone. It is now quite normal to see all types of people benefiting from these offers. Indeed many companies now realize that this is a great marketing tool. These special offers get people into their restaurant or stores. That means there is the possibility of getting the customer to part with even more money. I am sure that restaurants make a lot of their money back on the extras that people end up buying. More booze, more coffee, more desserts.

Right, I’m off to search for my next restaurant discount voucher. Happy Saving and Bon Apetit!


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