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6 Steps To Pay Your Rent If You Just Lost Your Job

Updated on February 23, 2016

Sometimes life does not go the way we want it to go. Many people often know that their house rent will expire at a given time but still default. Why!!! There are lots of factors that could make you default on paying your rent no matter the financial plans you have in place.

Factors like your company's contract being cancelled, client delay in invoice payment, unforeseen emergencies at home, ailment of a family member, long-term business investment, huge financial loss, sudden loss of job, and a host of others.

This article is probably not for the rich class who have multiple streams of income but directed to mostly people who are working 9-5 job. No matter how smart or productive you are, sh***t always happens when it comes to money. You might not be able to beg your Landlord or agent for long in order to stay in a free house. You are ruining his business. Here are the tested tips to get out of rent default if you are totally broke.

(Note: you must be in good relationship with your landlord before this could work).

Map Your Plan To Broker The Landlord's House

Brokering simply means becoming a middle person in business. You will need to immediately discuss with your Landlord that you have someone who is interested in taking over the house from you and defend the person's character as though you have someone already.However, if you have a friend who is truly interested, good for you. Make sure you agree with your Landlord that he will have to pay you a 10% introduction fee as a support to your effort. He might want to negotiate this lower though.

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Shop for A New Tenant Immediately

Upon your Landlord's approval to meet your referral, get on your referral to come over immediately. If you do not currently have any interested person for the house, take the pictures and put them on classified ads websites such as Craigslist, Olx, etc. Remember to tell anyone interested that they will have pay a 10% broker fee to you.

Conduct A Search On The New Tenant

Remember your Landlord has given you the approval to find him a tenant based on your integrity score with him, so do not make it varnish overnight by bringing a total stranger. At all cost, never lose your integrity for money. Ask all necessary questions about the new Tenant including where he works, what he does, in fact you might even need to do a physical confirmation of where they claim to work. You sure don't want to refer a drug baron.

Inspection Time

Invite the potential tenant to come inspect the house. Assure the potential tenant that you will leave as soon as he pays the rent and let him meet the Landlord immediately once his or her readiness has been confirmed. Be calm and do not sound like a scammer. Take time to explain things as if you were in their shoes. Sometimes people might doubt if you will leave the house early enough as promised.

Seal The Deal

Get the new Tenant to pay the rent to the Landlord and make sure he pays your 10% immediately. Ensure that the tenant concludes all necessary contractual requirements with the Landlord as necessary. Go to the Landlord to also collect the previously agreed 10% contribution for your service to him.

What To Do Next

You have just brokered the house you currently stay. Stupid isn't it? Here is the truth, you will have to leave the house. Remember you had to broker the house because you are totally broke. A beggar has no choice they say. Crawl back to your phone apps and get on classified ads websites to find cheap apartments or houses in low profile locations.

I know you will begin to think what people might think about you if they get to know you left an high brow area for a low profile location. Calm down, many people have gone through that stage. Left more befitting places to even stay with a friend or live in a slum. The easiest lie you can tell people is that, you have a project you are doing so you wish to get closer in order to monitor it. Everyone knows when you are broke so don't fool yourself by faking it further.

Well done for your smart move. You just raised money from nothing. Now get a business or a new job in order to get your feet back early enough. Remember there are thousands in your shoes but they just wont talk about it. So why should you talk about yours. Stay focused and work harder. You will talk about how you had to broker the house you currently live once you are finally out of the mess. See How To Get A Job In A Recession.

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