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How To Prevent Yourself from Being Ripped Off So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals

Updated on May 22, 2013

If you are feeling frustrated and or struggling to reach your financial goals, then you could be getting ripped off -and not even know it.

To be ripped off is to be cut. Well, that’s according to the Free Dictionary.

Connect To What You Want To Get It

Anything that we are not connected to, we are separated from. Financial goals are hidden, future assets. They must be planned, protected and preserved. If not, they are just something you intend to do –someday. In my office, we call THAT state Hopium. It’s intoxicating, but it won’t get you where you want to be. You want to get off Hopium, connect to your dream so you can stick to plan and achieve your goals.


You Have Plans, Goals and Dreams

If you already have a plan then why are you struggling to reach it?

Could you be ripping off your own self?

If not, you; then who or what?

The person or persons that are ripping you of your dream just may be someone you know, love and trust and sadly, it could be you – but that’s another hub.

How could someone I trust rip away my dreams?

Quite easily.

Money is funny. The more you have of it the more people want it. I used to think it was the other way around. When I was broke as a joke friends and family were few and far between. Even bill collectors, at some point realized the well was dry, and they also moved on. Can you imagine being so broke that a debt collector gives up? Believe me, it happens. Likewise, when money is plenty, so are friends, family, salespeople and even the long lost debt collectors come back. Debt collectors come back even after they stop reporting to credit bureaus. Can they smell money or what?


Beware of the Friend Frenzy

It's easy to get caught up in the madness of friends when you have money, but that's when you are most vulnerable. You’re rolling in the dough, and your friends are playing silly-putty with it. You should be the only one shaping your dough, but you aren’t. When you are caught up in the moment, even happy ones it's easy to lose your mind and even sense of responsibility. It's only at the end of the party, buying frenzy and celebrations that you realize that your wallet is empty, and your cupboards are bare. You look around, and you wonder what happened to all your dough? Instead of being at the kitchen table planning, you’re in the bedroom sulking because you’ve been ripped off. What happened to your plans?

Did you plan on overspending? No, you wanted to save some of money for the future. You wanted to take your family on a nice vacation. What happened to the new addition or car that you planned on getting this year? Not only have you allowed your short term goals to be stolen, you’ve also delayed your long term goals as well? What happened to your emergency fund?

Will you still be able to retire early?

How will survive if your car breaks down, you lose your job or get sick?

Did you think about any of these things when you were being ripped off?

You can close your eyes to the fact that you allowed yourself to be ripped off, but you can’t close your heart. You can’t escape how you feel knowing that your goals and all your hard work have been ripped off. Temporary Satisfaction Does Not Lead To Long Term Success

Tips To Stay On Track

In the end, you can't cry over spilled milk, but you can start again. All you need is time and money. This time remember to;

• Keep your financial goals in the forefront of your mind

• Think before you spend

Remember you are the only saver in your universe. Make saving for your financial goals a priority and you'll never miss the opportunity to live the life you dream about - worry free. I shared a couple of ways to save your financial goals from being ripped off. What are some other ways?


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