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How To Legally Raise Your Home Appraisal

Updated on July 3, 2011

Getting a low home appraisal is very bad for the seller and for the buyer, since they both will have a difficult time financing the deal. The seller want to gets the highest value for the property, and the buyer needs the mortgage.

There are several things you can do to solve a low appraisal problem and help get a better appraisal for the real estate. There is one issue, and that is that raising the appraisal needs to be legal.

There are different laws concerning what can and can't be done to raise the appraisal value. The most basic thing which is not allowed and can get you into deep trouble, is trying to influence the appraiser.

It is illegal to try and compensate the appraiser to either inflate or decrease their appraisal. It is illegal in many states to compensate the appraiser when the house is sold and the deal was completed. The appraiser needs to be independent to evaluate the property and do his comps (property comparisons).

What You CAN Do To Raise Your Appraisal

The basic thing you should do if you want to learn how to increase your appraisal legally is that information you collect and share with the appraiser will be legal as long as it is true and honest.

Appraisers need 3 comparisons of similar home closings in the one-mile radios of your property and all the closings need to be from the last 6 month. Once they have these 3 comps they can write down their appraisal report.

The legal way you can increase the home appraisal is by collecting more information on such closed deals within the one-mile radios and the last 6 month. If you find other deals which closed and their value is closer to what you expect to get, you need to collect this information and be able to pass it to the appraiser.

Another thing you can do, is to collect information on deals which were closed too low, if you bring information through real estate agents or mortgage brokers that the homeowner was pushed to sell short, this may raise your appraisal value since this information must be evaluated into the report or deleted as an irrelevant 'comp'.

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