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How To Really Save Money On Electricity Bills Suffering Just A Little.

Updated on May 29, 2013

Here are some easy ways to cut down your electric bills. Of course if you have electric heating it maybe harder to cut down the expense than if you have other means of home heating. Where to start is to get an idea what percentage of your electric goes to which appliance or electrical device based on how often you use it. Here is a handy electric cost/ usage calculator for a number of different devices . The cost is set at Portland General Electric rates in Portland , Oregon so it may not be accurate for your utility provider but it does give you a sense of proportionality of expense and how the electric use and cost varies per type of device used. You maybe able to get a similar calculator from your own electricity provider or utility:

If you compare a regular 60 watt light bulb and a LED replacement that is now available with the same amount of light for just 8-13 watts you can see some immediate savings. That is just pennies though it adds up. You could have 100s of light bulbs in your home eating up to ten times the electricity of what LED bulbs do. The trade off is you have to pay more for a bulb that may or may not last ten years as advertised in order to get electricity use savings. The biggest consumers of electricity in your home might be your refrigerator, air conditioner, vacuum cleaners, hot water heaters and home heating devices. Some of these can be replaced with lower energy use substitutes like a tank-less water heater or a newer refrigerator rated to save energy better. Those can cost a lot of money up front even if you get a tax credit for buying them. Use the calculator on all the types of machines you use with electricity to get a sense of what costs what and then you can figure out how to cut down on use to lower you bill.

Home heating costs even if you have gas heating can be over $30 a month just because the fan in the furnace runs on electricity separate from the gas. You can't really cut that down necessarily but you can set your thermostat to a lower level by bundling up. Ever wonder why those fleece hoody jackets are so popular? People wear them to save on electricity by wearing them zipped up with the long sleeves and the hood worn inside the house. You can drop the temperature in your home from 70 to under 65 pretty easily and save some money just by having spare jackets sweaters or a hoody to wear inside.

Tide laundry detergent now comes in a cold water wash version. It really works so you don't need to use hot or even warm water to wash clothing in your home laundry machines. Microwave ovens can save a lot of energy over using more traditional stoves and ovens. You will note that the microwave oven gets just the food hot and not a lot of hot air in a big old oven. The oven uses heat to warm all things around it where as the microwave oven remains cool to the touch. It is a clear sign of energy savings.

You can turn your hot water heater down to 120 degrees from higher settings that can be dangerous anyways. Tank-less on demand heaters heat only what you use if place near the place it is being used all the better. The gas ones need outside venting so they are sometimes difficult to locate where your appliances are such as in a kitchen bathroom or laundry room.

Paying attention to how much energy your light bulbs use pays off. Again go to this site to see how an 8 watt 60 watt LED replacement light bulb can save you. One 60 watt bulb translates into 7.5 LED Bulbs which translates into7,5 times the light for the same cost. The 8 watt bulb also can save you money on using the older mercury filled florescent light bulbs just not as much as the older incandescent lights.

Unplugging appliances not in use is also a money saver. Some devices like computer can be completely disconnected when not in use or you can just have a power strip and turn it off to prevent draining electricity when not using the computer. Small LED night lights are an excellent way to save money. Many have an electric eye and only go on in the dark and each one can cost a penny a year so you can plug in a lot of them to be able to see your way in the dark rather than having to turn on big over head lights to get around when you don't need to read or anything like that.

There are other ways of saving electricity including closing windows on hot days and reopening them when the house can be cooled later in the dark of evening to let the heat out and capture the night air for locking in in the morning. Then you might only need the air conditioner late in the afternoon when heat gain goes way up inside. painting roof tops white in summer and black in winter can yield energy savings too. you can turn off lights in rooms when you are not in that room as an other strategy to save energy only turning on lights in a room when you really need them You can also install skylights to capture natural light

The main idea to come away with is there are ways to really cut down on electric use use this handy calculator to see how electrical devices compare:



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      5 years ago

      Awesome hub! Thanks for all of the great information. I will definitely need to look for the Tide detergent and let my roommates know about that! Seems like that could be a good alternative and it wouldn’t shrink my clothes either (: While I was looking at blog about electrical information I also found this one that I thought was pretty helpful: . Maybe it will be helpful to you and your followers like it was to me!

    • profile image


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