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How To Rewrite Your Article

Updated on March 13, 2010

Significance of Articles

Articles are the assets we create for a residual series of profit in the long run. Whether we are concentrating on SEO, Link building or on Affiliate Marketing, we provide our readers or customers with quality content. As long as the right for the article remains in our hand, it would serve for us every time. Without articles you won’t gain readership, visibility, reputation, or anything. Even the sites promoting or selling the largest demanded products or services also provide customers with useful content. Because, they very well know that products are useless unless they have content along with them. So there are needs for a large number of articles sharing the same idea but having their own unique style every time it is being published on the net. And we are not at all allowed to post or publish the same content in different areas even though we are the author of the original article. And therefore, here comes the need for perfect article rewriting.

Article Rewriting

As the name suggests, article rewriting is nothing but the practice of editing the existing or original article to get a unique article out of it. The purpose is just rotating the same content so that it can be submitted at different places or directories for the purpose of building backlinks. People usually practice this either manually or by using software and services. Both of them have their own pros and cons which I would describe separately in another hub as soon as possible.

As far as the content, idea and the length of your original article are concerned, one can rewrite it easily irrespective of the ownership. People have different views and opinions on a particular topic and one can instill his or her point of view in the article while rewriting. So, it would appear natural without losing the quality of the content or idea. There are a lot of ways by which you can rewrite an existing article and rotate it as much as possible to get maximum number of articles from one article. Here are some of the most common ways through which rewriters do their editing task.

Article Rewriting Tips

  • Change the heading without completely losing the main keyword or phrase or niche. A minor tweak is just required to avoid the risk of getting listed in plagiarized content. 
  • Not all subheadings need to be changed or erased. But it’s better to add more subtitles that are related to the main keyword and also to add related keywords in the same. 
  • Bring more examples and illustrations. The original article may contain only the subject. But if you are capable of writing and including more examples, then you are completely making a unique article out of the first article. 
  • Include interesting statistics. You can include the real events or changes and represent it in graphical or written form can help your article to increase more relevant and serious.


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