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How To Save Money By Shopping With Your iPhone

Updated on March 28, 2011

The iPhone

It's amazing the technology we have these days, and everything is changing and growing on a daily basis. There is almost nothing you can't do with an iPhone. It's way more than just a phone. The iPhone opens the door to all new worlds and the app store opens the door to millions of user creations. If you can think it, you can basically put it on the iPhone.

Shopping With iPhone

The days of opening the phone book and locating the nearest parts store, calling and locating what you need and driving there to buy it no matter the price are over. Now it's break out the iphone and search the entire world for the best deal!

Well now there are a bunch of apps that you can use when shopping your local stores. If you want to find the best deal, and don't mind possibly having to order it online and wait for it to arrive, then these apps are for you. Specifically, I want to talk about these apps that allow you to scan a barcode on just about any item there is. There are two apps that I use and that I am going to introduce to you.

Scanning Barcodes

First, I just want to make sure you understand how these apps work. They are both very similar in functionality and appearance. When you are shopping your local stores you can just pull out your iPhone and open the app. Using your iPhone's camera you simply scan the barcode on the item and the phone will perform a search.

The search will find the item online and at local stores. You can see which store has the best price and more! Even if you don't want to buy the item somewhere else the store may offer price match so you can show them the item on the other store's website and get it there for the same price. It's really a great way to make sure you get the best deal every time.

Shop Savvy



This is my favorite of the two apps. I enjoy the features and appearance of this app over that of the other.

The app stars up ready to go already in scan mode, just simply scan the barcode and go. Or you can manually enter the product. Once the product is found the app displays pricing separate for "Web" and "Local" and shows you reviews for the item.

Price Alerts
ShopSavvy allows you set price alerts for items that you scan. If the price drops you will be notified ASAP.

Wish Lists
Another nice feature that I like is the wish list feature. You can create as many wish lists as you like it's nice if you are trying to find a gift for someone. You can create a wish list for them and add products that you think they will like and compare them based on reviews and pricing.

Barcode Scanner


Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is the second app that I use to scan product barcodes.

Like the first app, you can scan barcodes or manually enter products. The app tells you the retail price and the lowest price found. Then products are seperated by these categories; New, Used, and Local. This app returns a lot of online results.

Barcode Scanner has a built-in web browser which can be handy but I don't think it is completely necessary.

Like ShopSavvy you can create lists of products. This helps you compare products and pricing.


Both apps are great to help you shop and save money, but it's really up to you which one you want to use. They are very similar but they do have a somewhat different appearance and they are a little different to use. Tryout each one and see which you prefer. There are other barcode scanning apps available but these are the two that I use. This hub isn't about using either of these apps I only meant it to help you realize the possibility.

Which Barcode Scanning App Do You Prefer?

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    • Ding.A.Ling123 profile image

      Ding.A.Ling123 6 years ago

      They do have many options for barcode scanners but I feel as these are probably the top two.

    • LeisureLife profile image

      LeisureLife 6 years ago from USA

      good information, thanks! I think they have a variety of scanner options in the app store. I'm going to check them out right now!