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How To Save Money On A New Cellphone Or Upgrade

Updated on May 2, 2011

Getting a new cellphone or upgrading an old cellphone can be exciting to many people. In some cases it can be out right expensive depending on the type of phone you are looking to get. There are some ways to save money when you get a new cellphone or cellphone upgrade. You do not always have to pay the full retail price in order to get your cellphone.


If you sign a new contract many cell phone service providers will give you a discount on a new phone. Some cases the phone may even be free. If you are under contract wait until your contract expires to purchase a new phone. Many require a 1 or 2 year contract in order to get the discount.


Buying your phone directly from a cellphone service provider may cost you less than buying from a reseller. Resellers may mark up the prices so check with your cellphone service provider and compare prices. It could save you some money.


If you buy your new cellphone online you may be able to find some good deals that could save you some money. Be sure to take shipping and handling into consideration as well. Check online retailers and auction websites and compare prices with other cellphone dealers and find the best deal. Just watch out for scam artists. If it looks to good to be true it probably is. Make sure you research the seller before buying if you are unsure if the seller is reputable.


If you don't mind a used cellphone you can save money by buying a used cellphone. There are many dealers online and offline that sell used cellphones. Make sure they are reputable and that the cellphones they sell are not junk.


Get a warranty. If the seller does not offer a warranty be careful.

Shop around. Don't buy from the first seller you come across as there may be a better deal somewhere else.

Make sure the seller is reputable before buying.


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    • profile image

      LeslieB27 5 years ago

      This was really really interesting. I once bought used but I had a bit of a problem with it and it ended up being SO much more of a hassle for me. Have you thought about prepaid phones? i know that non contract phones have become the rage but i know NOTHING about them. I heard if you go prepaid.. you have to go with tracfone. Their prices and service are the best. What are your thoughts?