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How to Save Money on Water

Updated on March 12, 2018

You can Lower Your Water Bill

Water is one of those bills that kind of sneaks under the radar, we don't really think about how much we are using until the bill comes and then we regret being so clean and showering quite as often. And a surprising number of people think that saving money on your water bill ends with putting a water butt in the garden, but it doesn't stop there.

You can save money on water in so many ways and really lower your water bill.

Your Shower

Taking a shower instead of a bath saves so much water, it is one of the first questions they ask you when trying to estimate your bill. But if you don't have a shower facility in your home, you could try using one of those shower head attachments that you put onto the tap. You will use less than half the water you use when running a bath and you will save money as a result.

Putting a bucket in the shower can save you money
Putting a bucket in the shower can save you money

Put a Bucket in Your Shower

I'm not saying collect the dirty water, I think that's a bit gross, but whilst you are running the shower or bath and waiting for it to warm up, that water is going to waste. Put a bucket in the shower to collect as much of it as you can, and that way you can water the garden, wash the car or whatever you want with it.

Shorter showers means less money spent
Shorter showers means less money spent

Shorter Showers

I'm not suggesting taking two minute showers as I couldn't do that myself, I have very long hair and I actually like to wash. But spending two less minutes in the shower can save around 40 liters of water! That's around 280 liters per week, 1240 per year and 14600 liters per year.

Water Efficient Shower Heads

A water efficient shower head can be bought very cheaply, and it can save up to 11 liters of water per minute. This is definitely something worth investing in, they don't cost much and can save you loads.

Use an Aerator

If you don't need a steady flow of water for filling things up like you do in the kitchen, consider getting an aerator. This will reduce the amount of water you use when washing your hands, some towns and cities can get them for free with the Save Water Save Money website, head over to check if you can get some water saving gadgets for nothing.

The Toilet

People used to put a brick in their cistern to reduce the amount of water used when they flushed.

But this can be a bad idea because the brick can disintegrate over time, and small particles of the brick can damage the plumbing work.

Use a sturdy plastic just filled with sand and the lid taped firmly on and it works in the same way, without the damage to your toilet. It works by displacing the water to fill the cistern, but because of the bottle, the cistern is filled with less water. It doesn't effect the flush or make it any less powerful, it just saves you money every time you flush the toilet.

Not Flushing

This is controversial and to be honest it is not something I can do, but some people don't flush after they pee, only after they poo. I can't do that because I personally think it's a bit gross, but if you can do it then you will save even more money and even more water.

Don't leave the tap running
Don't leave the tap running

Turn off the Taps

It may seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised about how many people still leave the tap running when they are brushing their teeth. Turn it off and you will see your bill shrink.

In the Kitchen

The water you use for boiling your vegetables can be left to cool and put on outside plants, the nutrients from the vegetables will do them good, just make sure it's cool before you pour it on though as hot water could damage your plants. Put the water straight onto the plants, don't make the silly mistake I did of putting it into the water butt to use later as the bits of vegetables start to rot and stink.

Hot and Steamy

Invest in a steamer, that way, you can cook lots of different things with one pan of water rather than several pans, this will save you money on water and gas or electric (depending on your hobs)

Buy a water filter jug
Buy a water filter jug

A Water Filter

Don't run the tap until it's cold every time you want a drink of water, get a cheap water filter jug and leave it in the fridge. You can get replacements really cheaply now that supermarkets do their own and you will more than make your money back in water savings in a very short time.

The Bowl Method

Wash your vegetables in a bowl rather than letting the tap run for ages. You'll save a load of water and you can do all of the vegetables together.

In the Garden

Using a water butt to collect rainwater to use for your garden not only makes sense environmentally, but financially too. You can shave a huge amount off your water bill by using a water butt. They are well worth the initial investment of about £25 for a 200 ish litre one, it will pretty much pay for itself in just a few months.

Water With a Can, not a Hose

Watering cans might take a little longer, but you won't use so much water and you won't soak your garden to the point of drowning. You can get an attachment that goes on to your water butt now so you don't even have to use a watering can. The water comes straight from the butt, they are around £40, but if you have limited mobility it could be worth getting one to save you repeated trips back and forth and a heavy watering can.

Paddling Pool

Use a paddling pool instead of a sprinkler to keep your kids cool in the summer, it's a finite amount of water rather than constantly pouring water, plus it is great fun for everyone involved.

You Can Shrink Your Water Bill

Saving water doesn't have to be difficult or inconvenient, you can make some small changes that will result in some big savings. Try a few at a time so it doesn't seem like such a shock to the system and see how much lower your bill gets with every change you make.


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